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swfupload large file uploads

2015-10-27 02:31    By:xjzdr      View:46      Download:0

swfupload large file uploads, progress bar, run properly in ie6 / 7/8, the next vs2010 debug properly. Based swfupload2.2 be. swfupload, swfupload, swfupload, swfupload, swfupload...

Windows C#

STM32 BOOTload remote upgrade guide section

2015-11-09 01:37    By:微笑不倒翁      View:250      Download:7

1. the data received through the GSM firmware, done in the Bootload write Flash and jump, this is the Bootload part. 2. based on the STM32F103VCT6 platform. 3. compile tool is IAR 5.6 version....

Communication C

Uploadify automatically upload labels

2015-01-14 20:14    By:anfy1982      View:17      Download:0

This is a completely custom labels, mainly used for the upload button on the page, a front-end using jQuery plugin Ability to automatically upload uploadify upload successfully perform custom functions, use the tag in the OnUploadSuccess property to trigger a custom function. I hope to help you....

Java Development Java

Classloader-related code

2015-05-09 20:48    By:java_interest      View:31      Download:0

JVM when the class is loaded, via Classloader loadClass () method to load class, loadClass (String name) method: Using parents entrust mode: When the JVM starts, the class loader in the boot JRE/RT.jar: bootstrap classloader, which loads the core Java API, and ExtClassloader, and then start the ex...

Java Development Java


2015-11-22 10:37    By:BOSCH      View:189      Download:3

Not original, but the original address is not found, paid tribute to the author! SEGMENTS RAM_DEF = READ_WRITE 0x3C00 TO 0x3EFF; RAM_CODE = READ_ONLY 0x2000 TO 0x3BFF; ROM = READ_ONLY 0xE000 TO 0xFEFF; ... /* relocated memory */ BOOTloadER_MEM = READ_ONLY 0xC000 TO 0xDBFF RELOCATE_TO 0x200...

freescale C


2015-04-07 16:35    By:xutaoq      View:22      Download:0

UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upload method, UCM bulk upl...

Java Development Java

AvrubdAVR universal bootloader PC source

2015-05-09 22:40    By:zawdr520      View:67      Download:1

The main purpose of this program is to provide a generic AVR Bootloader, different types of AVR Microcontroller need to modify only some simple configuration parameters that can be used directly, no need to change the main program. Because right now circulating on the Internet many Bootloader progra...

AVR Delphi

a java program to simulate the login to cnblogs website

2014-11-21 15:10    By:kongkongyzt      View:25      Download:0

This is a simple program to simulate the login to the famous chinese blog site ----cnblogs. In this program , I use cookie to login the website ,and you need to import commons-codec-1.4.jar , commons-httpclient-3.1.jar ,commons-logging-1.0.3.jar .Remember you use your own username and...

Java Development Java

Upload to upload files

2015-02-14 21:42    By:mophson      View:9      Download:0

For file upload and download Java development ideas is a simple plugin API can be called direct reference to reach the desired upload function...

Java Development Java


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