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bluetooth Client

2015-03-25 04:31    By:cfjan      View:121      Download:1

bluetooth Client is an android test apk for bluetooth feature. It can be used to test android smartphone solution. Testcase includes: Cancel While Searching SendFile MatchAndCancel Auto receiving Cancel While Receiving Call while tra...

Android Java

bluetooth Development Kit

2015-03-23 21:39    By:suigongxiaozi      View:158      Download:0

bluetooth API for bluetooth development kit, this is a bluetooth system program development kit....

Embeded C++

bluetoothchat source code

2015-03-23 03:42    By:jzp0409      View:95      Download:3

This is based on the classic Android API development on bluetooth communication API, including how to use the API, pairing, connection, communication (major is an example of serial communication), have a very good guide for beginners....

Android Java

bluetooth serial debugging assistant

2 hours ago    By:onisac      View:83      Download:1

Modifying Android bluetoothchat samples as samples for the bluetooth serial port communications bluetooth communications sample, modified for bluetooth serial communication mode, support for bluetooth serial port debugging....

Android Java

Android bluetooth

2015-03-25 05:03    By:nadernaa      View:77      Download:1

This program is sample to using bluetooth in android device  /* Arduino-Android-Bluetoooth, a simple bluetooth socket for communication with Android Copyright 2013 Brandon Toms Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and...

Android Java

Android bluetooth driver debugging

2014-12-17 02:26    By:androidlover      View:11      Download:0

Based on Android (Linux) bluetooth chip drive commissioning process and the detailed documentation and source code....

Java Development Java

bluetooth serial source code

2015-03-25 04:45    By:whzdh331      View:126      Download:2

bluetooth serial source code .  Based android 4.0 . bluetooth SPP procotol ....

Android Java

Mobile phones bluetooth

2015-03-24 06:22    By:bluesky      View:44      Download:0

Mobile phones bluetooth, connect to other bluetooth devices, discover other bluetooth devices, communicate  using bluetooth with other devices,...

Android Java

bluetooth find

2014-12-16 07:41    By:yulin123      View:50      Download:0

1. registered with registerReceiver BroadcastReceiver to get bluetooth status, search for devices and other information;2. the use of BlueAdatper search;3. the BroadcastReceiver onReceive () access to search for available bluetooth device information (such as name, MAC,RSSI);4. establish a bluetooth...

Android Java

C# About bluetooth Communication Development

2015-02-04 03:24    By:1035169610      View:97      Download:3

C # on computer software that communicates with the phone via bluetooth phones. Achieve mobile client through a simple algorithm and bluetooth technology and communication computer, so you can make the phone and computer can communicate well, on this basis, to achieve a more convenient mobile phone...

WinSock C#

Android4.3 bluetooth 4.0 demo

2015-03-26 20:11    By:laizhiyong888      View:153      Download:6

Android system must be 4.3 per cent, mobile phone bluetooth 4, the project has been implemented for the bluetooth device discovery, pairing, connection, characteristic value in the discovery service, disconnect and other functions, refer to the official website address at: http://developer.Android.c...

Android Java

Single-chip and mobile phones communication via bluetooth

2015-03-21 09:51    By:庭上杨柳      View:50      Download:1

This is MCU a program that communicates with the bluetooth. First, the microcontroller port is a c language program. Basically common microcontroller platforms can be used. Program is a Java-based Android mobile phone programs. Learning friends in this area, this program can play a very good role....

Android Java

Design module bluetooth by verilog

2015-03-24 06:27    By:thuanbk2010      View:60      Download:1

The bluetooth is a standard protocol for wireless connection between devices such as cell phones, PDAs, PCs and any other device. The main objective for this standard is to provide a royalty free standard for such wireless protocol. The objective of this project is to build an opensource free blueto...

verilog Verilog
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