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bluetooth Client

2015-11-09 23:07    By:cfjan      View:141      Download:2

bluetooth Client is an android test apk for bluetooth feature. It can be used to test android smartphone solution. Testcase includes: Cancel While Searching SendFile MatchAndCancel Auto receiving Cancel While Receiving Call while tra...

Android Java

bluetooth Development Kit

2015-11-01 15:42    By:suigongxiaozi      View:184      Download:1

bluetooth API for bluetooth development kit, this is a bluetooth system program development kit....

Embeded C++

bluetoothchat source code

2015-11-01 15:42    By:jzp0409      View:112      Download:4

This is based on the classic Android API development on bluetooth communication API, including how to use the API, pairing, connection, communication (major is an example of serial communication), have a very good guide for beginners....

Android Java

csr Heart rate source reference csr1010

2015-11-05 22:50    By:qiji77      View:48      Download:1

csr csr1010,csr Heart rate Heart rate source reference source reference csr1010...

Csr C

bluetooth serial debugging assistant

2015-11-21 07:26    By:onisac      View:123      Download:1

Modifying Android bluetoothchat samples as samples for the bluetooth serial port communications bluetooth communications sample, modified for bluetooth serial communication mode, support for bluetooth serial port debugging....

Android Java

Android bluetooth

2015-10-31 00:59    By:nadernaa      View:82      Download:1

This program is sample to using bluetooth in android device  /* Arduino-Android-Bluetoooth, a simple bluetooth socket for communication with Android Copyright 2013 Brandon Toms Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and...

Android Java

Android bluetooth driver debugging

2015-05-08 04:30    By:androidlover      View:14      Download:0

Based on Android (Linux) bluetooth chip drive commissioning process and the detailed documentation and source code....

Java Development Java

bluetooth serial source code

2015-11-21 07:21    By:whzdh331      View:133      Download:2

bluetooth serial source code .  Based android 4.0 . bluetooth SPP procotol ....

Android Java


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