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Face detection using opencv

2015-11-10 14:48    By:nothan      View:154      Download:0

Face detection using opencv and haar classifier. This is a code containing opencv training of classifier using haar classifier and than detecting faces in different pictures and can be done for different frames of a movie....

Image Processing C++

Face detection adaboost

2015-11-06 03:02    By:吃臭臭么      View:121      Download:2

Reprint, the effect is not very good, generally, you can run SampleTest.m, no image, himself on the image, and modify the load name...

Matlab Matlab

Camera calibration based on opencv

2015-11-27 06:50    By:xfcy90      View:1229      Download:20

This is the source code of camera calibration based on opencv, it use computer camera to do chessboard calibration.Camera calibration instructions: the process of using opencv for camera calibration can be found in help documentation of opencv. It is very useful. I am here to explain some key points...

opencv C++

Using opencv Gets the maximum area in binary image contours and rounded up

2015-11-20 06:38    By:小鸟的士林      View:379      Download:5

Vs2010+opencv2.4.4 implementation of two value images to find the maximal contour, to reduce the noise has a great effect, to find the maximum region using rectangle ring up....

opencv C++

adaboost face detection process

2015-11-22 00:56    By:349640784      View:163      Download:5

Program code with opencv code based on adaboost face detection. adaboost for face detection with good classification results, including rectangular features, integral image, weak classifiers, strong classifier and a cascade classifier. opencv comes adaboost code, easy to use, there are test images w...

Image Processing Others

opencv haar classifier with the video face detection

2015-11-19 03:03    By:鼬花园      View:113      Download:0

This program is run under VS2010 + opencv2.44 environment, dynamically detects the faces in the video, the principle is the combination of adaboost haar feature based algorithm using images generated ideological face classifier (this can also generate their own training out of the .xml file sorter),...

Image Processing Visual C++

adaboost for face detection Java

2015-07-15 08:49    By:Echo5      View:220      Download:2

For adaboost, can said is acquaintance, is said to have in Deep Learning out zhiqian, SVM and adaboost is effect best of two a algorithm, and adaboost is upgrade tree (boosting tree), so-called "upgrade tree" is put "weak learning algorithm" upgrade (boost) for "strong learn...

Java Development Java

adaboost face detection matlab code

2015-11-28 08:53      View:437      Download:9

This is a simple MATLAB code using a simple technique known as adaboost Technique to detect faces in video. This code can also be used to understand this algorithm easily if u have some problems in understanding it by reading research journals...

Matlab Matlab

opencv object detection

2015-10-30 05:49    By:halidafa      View:261      Download:5

detection using opencv 2.4.9 using BackgroundSubtractorMOG2, and then mark it with red outline using findContours and drawContours and use QtCreator as an IDE...

Image Processing C++

Android source opencv motion detection

2015-11-23 08:05    By:whq3418      View:246      Download:4

This procedure must first camera calibration, access to reference, and distortion coefficient matrices, and bird's eye view of transformation according to the method of learning opencv. Including executable programs and source code...

Image Processing C++


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