Solving 8 puzzle problem breadth first search c++ algorithm code

2015-04-16 10:51    By:ggg      View:139      Download:2

An algorithm that tries to solve the 8 puzzle problem in c++ code. This code uses breadth first search. ...

Algorithm C++

Depth-first search breadth-first search BFS, DFS

2015-04-18 05:58    By:njwhat      View:156      Download:0

matlab training program (depth-first search breadth-first search BFS, DFS), this classic has no separate implementations of the algorithm, and really sad. breadth first search in the past connected area in binary images marked minimum spanning tree algorithm and prim were already unconscious when us...

Matlab Matlab

The matlab algorithm analysis of 30 cases of source program

2015-04-03 03:30    By:njwhat      View:31      Download:1

"matlab intelligent algorithm 30 case studies," the use of case forms the main line of intelligent algorithms, explained the genetic algorithm, immune algorithm, annealing algorithm, particle swarm optimization, fish algorithm, ant colony algorithm and neural network algorithm, etc. The mo...

Algorithm Matlab

Collection of matlab algorithms

2015-03-29 23:56    By:hec1990      View:30      Download:1

Collection of matlab algorithms, mostly out of print ~ collectable!                                        ...

Matlab Matlab

matlab algorithm of Gauss (A,a,b,n,x)

2015-02-06 08:40    By:lzp_631536516      View:14      Download:0

Demo 1.A=[1 1 1;0 ; 1];b=[6 5 1]\';x=gauss(A,b)Implementation of results:After the Elimination of a1 1 100After the Elimination of the b65-6x =1232. program presentationa=[10^-100 1;2 1]b=[1 2]gauss(a,b)Execution resultsa=0.0000 1.00002.0000 1.0000b =1-2After the Elimination of a1.0e+100 *0.0000 0.0...

Algorithm Matlab

Simple breadth first search and Depth first search program

2015-02-09 16:00    By:nilerafter24      View:12      Download:0

This is a simple program to illustrate the difference between a BFS traversal and a DFS traversal. Let's the user read from a file or input values manually. Instructions are on screen.Results of traversal are displayed graphically on screen....

Command line C++

A clustering algorithm for matlab

2015-03-26 14:25    By:mlx611      View:71      Download:1

Clustering algorithms in matlab developed by a, Briefly looked at this article in the journal, the clustering algorithm called breadth-neighbor search algorithm. There are several definitions: 1. Data matrix。 This is a m row 2 column matrix, line number m= number unspecified elements,...

Matlab Word

matlab GUI example source code to simulate Ant Colony algorithm for path optimization

2015-04-18 14:30    By:jerry      View:1722      Download:2

For simulation of Ant Colony algorithm for path optimization matlab GUI example program code, writing through  the matlab GUI framework, vivid and lifelike, Very good interpretation of the principle of Ant Colony algorithm  and Ant Colony algorithm for path searching for u...

Matlab C

K-means clustering algorithm (matlab)

2015-04-18 08:21    By:njwhat      View:326      Download:5

Recent study pattern recognition and image processing, collect some matlab source code, share them, and also hope to make friends with common interests. K-means clustering method is divided into the following steps: first, initializing cluster centers 1, depending on the issue, based on experience f...

Matlab Matlab

matlab implementation of fuzzy analytic hierarchy process

2015-02-22 10:13    By:njwhat      View:39      Download:1

Chromatographic analysis method is a combination of quantitative and qualitative multi-objective decision-making method is a method of high frequency of use in many areas of economic management, urban planning has been widely applied. Because of its results were affected by a greater influence of su...

Algorithm Matlab

Ant Colony algorithm matlab source code

2015-04-15 11:36    By:@花开半夏@      View:107      Download:0

ACO (Ant Colony algorithm,ACA) largely mimic the mechanism of Ant foraging through a number of artificial ants communicate with each other, collaborate, quickly find the optimal path. ACA is a generic new heuristic method for solving combinatorial optimization problems, which multiple agents (artifi...

Matlab Matlab

matlab-rough set attribute reduction Jian Ku and classified

2015-04-17 08:14    By:njwhat      View:47      Download:1

The main achievement of some of the rough set theory is calculated based on the concept. Because also searched online before some rough sets related languages implemented program library, but the library most of the clutter is not clear, basically do not understand the program, so he still felt roug...

Algorithm Matlab

matlab and Excel file for data exchange

2015-04-12 07:18    By:njwhat      View:153      Download:0

General forms for Excel is a very good software, study, work and research of large amounts of data may be stored in Excel tables. Excel in matrix computation, and optimization algorithm of data fitting function is insufficient, combining Excel and matlab are effective methods for dealing with comple...

Matlab Matlab

Bayesian network matlab BNT

2015-04-17 05:58    By:wasaixiaopei      View:254      Download:5

This is a matlab-based Bayesian Network tool kit, provides a number of lower-level functions, Bayesian learning and Bayesian inference. Based on Bayesian network classifier can achieve a variety of. The Toolkit for more comprehensive content....

Matlab Matlab

matlab version of the digital image processing source code

2015-04-18 17:34    By:Kean      View:240      Download:1

Original title: Digital Image Processing Using matlab Supporting source, this book is theory deals with image processing software practice a combination of the first book, it has integrated with digital image processing by Gonzalez and woods the important contents in the book and the Mat...

Matlab Matlab

matlab training programs (bilateral filtering)

2015-04-17 23:27    By:njwhat      View:125      Download:1

matlab training programs (bilateral filtering) bilateral filter templates for two main template, first is the Gaussian profile, the second is based on gray level difference as generated by the coefficients of the function template. And these two templates dot get the final bilateral filter templates...

Matlab Matlab

Genetic algorithm matlab source code

2015-04-18 10:04    By:Hero2ljj      View:2329      Download:15

This is the matlab code of the Genetic algorithm with Elitism. It described the whole process of geneticalgorithm in detail, and introduced elitism based on the genetic algorithm. It improved the performance ofthe original genetic algorithm greatly....

Matlab Matlab

matlab implementation of Dijkstra algorithm

3 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:184      Download:0

matlab function is very powerful, in this article, mainly introduces matlab on computer basic operation in advanced mathematics, linear algebra and matrix calculations in some basic calculations, polynomials, using concrete examples, and specific examples of modeling and then write m file, then the...

Matlab Matlab

Some matlab programming codes

2015-03-31 07:16    By:SoloJia      View:64      Download:0

I have written some code. Share with everyone and hope we all share some of the code provides. I am novice matlab, there may be some errors, I hope will forgive me, I hope to communicate their views. We can actively Exchange, thank you....

Matlab Matlab

matlab training program (called matlab c/c + +)

5 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:123      Download:0

matlab training program (called matlab c/c + +) my environment here is window7+vs2010+matlab R2010b. first of all, you need to enter MEX-Setup to determine if the compiler you want to use, follow the instructions step by step down the line. Here is write a c++ file, here writing the c++ file name is...

Matlab Matlab

Examples of two programs in matlab MEX command

2014-12-04 05:55    By:a2368699078      View:29      Download:0

Two examples in matlab MEX command procedures, there is a detailed explanation of how to call C C ++ functions in matlab inside...

Matlab Matlab

The matlab numerical computation analysis of program source code

2015-04-18 07:22    By:njwhat      View:283      Download:1

"matlab numerical case analysis" source code, "matlab numerical case analysis" to numerical analysis theory the main line to matlab in numerical analysis as the main content, based on the principles described algorithms and numerical analysis on the basic idea, focuses on explain...

Matlab Matlab

matlab image processing codes

4 hours ago    By:yueqiaohuayuan      View:2635      Download:67

matlab language for image processing, such as image open, heavy, closed, vertical mirror image, horizontal mirror, gray scale, and color histogram equalization, image enhancement, smoothing and sharpening, plus noise, such as salt and pepper noise Gaussian noise, multiplicative noise, Poisson noise...

Matlab Matlab

matlab implementation of information system based on rough sets reduction algorithm

2015-04-17 08:14    By:njwhat      View:92      Download:0

Information system based on rough set reduction algorithm matlab implementation, the program can run the correct result, I hope all of you have helped....

Matlab Matlab

Kalman filter matlab code

2015-04-10 07:22    By:c345184329lin      View:162      Download:4

matlab code Kalman filtering target tracking....

Algorithm Matlab

matlab solve 5 kinds of business problems (Mtsp) program

2015-04-16 23:13    By:xcf020825      View:172      Download:8

Using genetic algorithms to solve based on matlab 5 multiple business problems (MTSP) code is divided into the following categories: 1. from a different starting point back to the starting point (traveling salesman a fixed amount) 2. from a different starting point back to the start (t...

Matlab Matlab


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