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fuzzy logic implementation

2015-03-25 09:14    By:noviceprogrammer      View:87      Download:2

simple fuzzy logic implementation in visual c++ it was downloaded from given url and i am not responsible for any violation for authors set of licence rules...

fuzzy Visual C++

Automated car parking system

2015-03-25 03:46    By:ashok123      View:247      Download:6

Main aim of the project is to provide the information on the availability of parking in multiplexes without any operator in parking area by displaying availability of the parking before entering in to parking area. A display is provided at the entrance of the parking area which displays the number o...

CSharp C#


2015-03-29 01:49    By:lilia      View:97      Download:1

This program describes the control of PUMA robot using fuzzy logic controller in Simulink matlab. ...

Matlab Matlab

vcard file parsing

2015-02-01 21:31    By:stevenhou      View:59      Download:0

vcard format file parsing, Demo with VC development...

Document Visual C++

fuzzy and Neuro-fuzzy logic for Air Conditioning System

2015-03-03 08:56    By:JAYA      View:52      Download:2

Design for air conditioning system using fuzzy logic as well as neuro-fuzzy method. Inputs taken for the air conditioning system are from temperature and humidity sensors and the output is to control the compressor speed. ...

Matlab Matlab

clustering using fuzzy logic in WSNs

2015-03-28 03:54    By:abooomreh      View:69      Download:3

Here we implement clustering which is explained in paper "An energy-aware distributed clustering protocol in wireless sensor networks using fuzzy logic" with matlab code. We assume that in each time step all nodes are awake, sense the environment and send their information to their cluster head ...

Matlab Matlab

fuzzy logic sample

2015-03-18 11:00    By:case2012      View:24      Download:0

fuzzy  - New class SingletonFunction: new kind of membership function, to represent classical numerical numbers in fuzzy domain.  - Inference System was modified to allow the user to access the fuzzy output before defuzzyfing.  - Some other minor updates caused by received feedback....

Algorithm C#

Turtle Maze SSD1 icarnegie

2014-12-25 11:06    By:makvortex      View:54      Download:1

Code for turtlemazebehaviors simulation from icarnegie SSD1 course   enjoy...

Java Development Java

Extended Turtle SSD1 icarnegie

2014-12-17 08:59    By:makvortex      View:33      Download:0

Code for extended turtle from icarnegie ssd1 course from students. The content of this zip includes the java.class of this code and the code for the program runs....

Java Development Java

Dds_quicklogic source code

2015-03-01 23:41    By:zfb      View:19      Download:0

dds_quicklogic 是由 quicklogic Development company, DDS Direct digital synthesis technology, are starting from the phase, direct frequency synthesis technology with digital technology wave. There are 9 modules, namely, 1, DDS. V (top-level modules), 2, LOADFW. V (load frequency modules), 3, PHASEA...

FPGA Verilog

Smart card logon COM credentials code under Windows 7

2015-02-03 05:10    By:soloman1986      View:64      Download:1

Under the smart card logon win7 COM credentials code, this component through the registry (see annex) will register the component to the system, Log in or locked when the system will load this credential....

Windows C++

Gaussian Mixture cardinalized Probability Hypothesis Density Filter

2015-03-11 06:11    By:ahmed_mikaeil      View:38      Download:0

Particle filters or Sequential Monte carlo (SMC) methods are a set of on-line posterior density estimation algorithms that estimate the posterior density of the state-space by directly implementing the Bayesian recursion equations. SMC methods use a grid-based appr...

Matlab Matlab

Supervisory control based on fuzzy logic for nonlinear systems

2015-03-03 08:54    By:jevad      View:19      Download:0

In this project we want to design and simulation the supervisory controller for any system. in the other  word with use the logic fuzzy we could to have the best tracking...

Matlab Matlab

Compare PID, fuzzy logic Toolbox and fuzzy matlab code in water level control

2015-03-24 09:28    By:pageplan      View:108      Download:1

We have 3 controller here, they are PID controller, fuzzy Toolbox in MATLAB and fuzzy matlab code.   As a more advanced look at the possibilities of fuzzy logic we will look at the control of a water tank. This water tank has a pipe flowing in and a pipe flowing out. The inpu...

Matlab Matlab

Optimal pid controller with fuzzy logic with minimize error

2015-03-20 04:40    By:jevad      View:40      Download:1

This simulation have the best setting for implementation and control the pid based on fuzzy logic and, in the other hand,  we could to have the free setting for value of pid....

Matlab Matlab


2015-02-04 21:24    By:weni      View:45      Download:0

fuzzy logic system can control the actuators in order to run properly to regulate the temperature and humidity. In a fuzzy system, there are three processes, namely: fuzzyfication is this process serves to change an input analog scale becomes fuzzy. Rule evaluation is the process to find a f...

Matlab Matlab
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