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vb6 Hash MD5

2015-10-20 21:36    By:Tong      View:87      Download:1

MD5 Hash Calculator for vb6 (Module). You can add the module to your project....

Algorithm VB

vcard file parsing

2015-11-06 01:04    By:stevenhou      View:64      Download:0

vcard format file parsing, Demo with VC development...

Document Visual C++

project Ecommerce exemplo do site em sistema de Login completo

2015-10-03 05:29    By:abraao199      View:4835      Download:2

project Ecommerce exemplo do site em sistema de Login completo ...

Web Browser PHP

Gas weighing program vb6

2015-09-24 10:49    By:congvien      View:78      Download:0

vb6 source code. the program  to save data. a worker puts the bottle on the scale,  the program will save its weight and print a label....

Communication VB

Smart card logon COM credentials code under Windows 7

2015-10-13 03:58    By:soloman1986      View:71      Download:1

Under the smart card logon win7 COM credentials code, this component through the registry (see annex) will register the component to the system, Log in or locked when the system will load this credential....

Windows C++

Gaussian Mixture cardinalized Probability Hypothesis Density Filter

2015-09-14 22:23    By:ahmed_mikaeil      View:46      Download:0

Particle filters or Sequential Monte carlo (SMC) methods are a set of on-line posterior density estimation algorithms that estimate the posterior density of the state-space by directly implementing the Bayesian recursion equations. SMC methods use a grid-based appr...

Matlab Matlab

vb6 portable

2015-07-23 03:50    By:dalilo2010      View:61      Download:0

version portable: try to use it to quickly preview some source codes...

Windows VB

WIImote Head Tracking in vb6

2015-10-29 17:29    By:ratheons      View:32      Download:1

vb6 code to:- light the four DELs of the WIImote.-Read the X,Y coords of 4 IR's.-See the IR's in a PictureBox as crosses of different size depend on distance.Have fun. Sorry for the bad English of a French guy;o)...

Algorithm VB

Aadhar card

2015-09-03 02:14    By:keerthi      View:26      Download:0

Java jsp projects source code on Aadhar project: Aadhar concept is used to generate a unique identification number for Indian citizens. It is just like a Social Security card (SSN) in USA. Previously we don’t have an unique identity number in India. The Indian citizens are identified by using...

Windows JSP


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