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game rendering

Instances of the game renders and works specified in the notes. Rendering of the game had a clear note. Work process is easy for beginners to understand, of course, requires a little knowledge of C++ and VC programming knowledge....

gammatone filterbank

this matlab code generates a gammatone filterbank for audio processing to filter input speech signal to binaural microphone on a head to simulate inner ear and middle ear transfer function. ...

2013-09-27 07:42

gameMaker 8.x Decompiler

This is a decompiler for games created using game Maker 8.0 and game Maker 8.1. It does not support older or newer revisions of the game Maker software. It's a console based application, but work has begun on a GUI for this tool. Recovers the entire source code.There will, however, be case...

vcard file parsing

vcard format file parsing, Demo with VC development...

Winscard dll that sends and receives APDU commands to a smart card.

Winscard dll that sends and receives APDU commands to a smart card. In C origianl SmartcardIO By Andrew Fernandes...


This is a Java version of the game, called TrueMan, very classical, to learn Java friends will help, I hope useful for all....

2013-11-27 01:05

Audionet Device Driver (WDM)

===== Audionet ===== The goal of Audionet is transparently networked audio interfaces primarily for Windows. It is based arround a windows audio driver supporting multiple audio streaming procotols: - raw PCM streaming - RAOP or Airtunes 2 (in planning) Installation ------------...

Keystone transform radar

keystone transform can correct the envelop migration,the program gives the the keystone algorithm program...

2014-09-26 11:03

Fightgame, the hla by rti example by vc , code

This program is my first HLA example by rti, it's souce example of the book < HLA program guide>. it's very simple, can help learner of hla and rti ....

2014-10-14 01:35

gameSnake snake game

C8051f340 developed a snake games, and we used to play the game more clearly, TFT color screen, gamepad to play  ...

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