C# bigInteger Class

2014-12-15 22:04    By:boydamtac199      View:29      Download:1

The implementation of asymmetrical cryptographic schemes often requires the use of numbers that are many times larger than the integer data types that are supported natively by the compiler. In this article, we give an introduction to the implementation of arithmetic operations involving large integ...

CSharp C#

Image fusion based on brovery

2015-04-02 03:43    By:thanks      View:47      Download:2

Image fusion based on brovery, dwt,lap, which you can use to fuse multimedical image....

Matlab Matlab

Onvif discovery of Qt under Ubuntu compile code

2015-04-15 03:24    By:lalalavip      View:93      Download:1

Onvif discovery of Qt under Ubuntu compile code that supports onvif Protocol camera equipment can be found....

Linux programming C++

Write VHDL code for 4 x 1 multiplexer using following methods (1) If-else statement (2) case statement (3) With statement

2015-02-05 00:48    By:ktn      View:1865      Download:0

Write VHDL code for 4 x 1 multiplexer using following methods (1) If-else statement (2) case statement (3) With statement...

vhdl VHDL

matlab programme for bigginers

2014-11-20 11:13    By:raj      View:14      Download:0

This programs demonstrate the basic image processing programming techniques. very best fir beginner to become expert in just a one day of practice....

Matlab Matlab

very good simulation of smoke

2015-03-19 23:24    By:wocaonimade      View:33      Download:0

very realistic real-time smoke simulation. very realistic smoke simulation in real time. very realistic real-time smoke simulation. very realistic real-time smoke simulation. very realistic real-time smoke simulation. very realistic real-time smoke simulation. very realistic real-time smoke simulati...

asd C++

GIS based on spatial development case studies

2015-01-25 20:37    By:bf527      View:17      Download:0

Without controls, pure C++GIS map operations can run the program directly. SHP data in vector format or AOTOCAD2004DXF format...


The MATLAB algorithm analysis of 30 cases of source program

2015-04-03 03:30    By:njwhat      View:31      Download:1

"MATLAB intelligent algorithm 30 case studies," the use of case forms the main line of intelligent algorithms, explained the genetic algorithm, immune algorithm, annealing algorithm, particle swarm optimization, fish algorithm, ant colony algorithm and neural network algorithm, etc. The mo...

Algorithm Matlab

The MATLAB programming skills and its application: analysis of 25 cases of source program

2015-03-31 22:27    By:njwhat      View:37      Download:0

Content includes: MATLAB Quick Start, the idea of vectors (vectors) programming, MATLAB processing huge amounts of data, an anonymous function type description, nested function type introduction, integration and integral equations to solve the case, optimization and nonlinear equation (s) to solve t...

Matlab Matlab

Legendary business server source code

2015-04-02 07:33    By:jsh007      View:426      Download:0

[2012-12-18] Update: A full program1. Fixed: The above does not work on version landers registered account2. Review: emitting equipment stored in the client list3. Optimization: apprenticeship does not trigger script4. Fixed: Refresh parcel wrapped under full state occasionally dropping phenomenon5....

Web Framework ASP/ASPX

Read Advantech 1753 boards input/output

2015-04-01 21:04    By:sunqition      View:227      Download:0

Read Advantech 1753 boards input/output Read Advantech 1753 boards input/output, Read Advantech 1753 boards input/output...

Windows C++

Matlab neural network case

2015-01-06 06:28    By:845728900      View:16      Download:0

case analysis on neural network, plus the related data. Program is a 30 case studies from the Matlab+ neural network, fully covers the trends in development of neural network in recent years, and major expansion program overall....

Matlab Matlab

j2EE program : this can help you more : it's a very good program

2014-11-20 15:44    By:afeffoufa      View:21      Download:0

Divide the image into 8*8 blocks and do the following for each block Shift the block Perform a DCT on the block Quantize the block Subtract the last DC coefficient from the current DC coefficient Zigzag the block Zero run length encode the...

Java Development C++

Automated business process system

2013-11-08 00:36    By:mani      View:11      Download:0

AUTOMATED business PROCESS is a comprised solution for business consultants. This application maintains electronic database comprising of clients details, machine details, engineer details, problems details and service details. User of this system can create and access details of all the informa...

Java Development Java

Data source 1000 cases

2015-04-06 23:10    By:杜哈宝贝      View:37      Download:0

Data source 1000 cases of very detailed; Data source, 1000; Data source 1000 cases...

Data C

big bitmap drawing class

2014-11-22 20:08    By:vladsel      View:4      Download:0

A class for drawing a very large bitmap images in any specified window. Also includes a good quality algorythm for palette quantization....

Windows C++

very easy to use Bootstrap template

2015-03-31 08:13    By:dxtk0812      View:23      Download:0

BOOTSTRAP very easy to use templates, open source projects, many controls powerful, built-in table to support the search within a page, press the column sorting and other functions....

Web Framework JavaScript

summation of very small numbers

2014-12-16 02:08    By:sobhan      View:10      Download:0

This project is a simple calculator for addition two number that numbers between 0,1 (0<a,b<1) and you can generalized it for any number...i hope enjoy... I will upload full calculator(+,*,-,/) for any number in near future... notice!:in this project exist two file , 'a.txt' and 'b.txt',...

Matlab Matlab

case Study SWE

2013-12-17 07:24    By:mony_samy      View:5      Download:0

This is the Arena case study for Software Engineering: should be helpful in Requirement elicitation phase, and Analysis designing and object modeling in Software engineering...

software PDF

Visual Basic 6.0 application programming in 150 cases

2015-01-10 20:47    By:wuzhongwen      View:86      Download:0

"Visual Basic 6.0 application programming 150 cases" in the "Example095- media file browser" and "Example096- playlists media file" requires Windows Media Player 9.0's support during the operation, the reader install it yourself.Example001- hang-upsExample002- transluce...

Algorithm VB


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