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2015-11-01 09:55    By:wuming      View:33      Download:2

Matlab Toolbox for Undersampled MRI Reconstruction with contourlet Transform。 This toolbox contains Matlab files that implement the sparse sampling and reconstructioin of MRI with contourlet transform described in paper:Iterative thresholding compressed sensing MRI based on contourlet transform...

Graph Matlab

VtkcontourFilter is used to extract multiple isosurfaces

2015-08-31 16:27    By:rita      View:36      Download:0

Using vtkcontourFilter ISO-surface extraction cannot be extracted separately the problems. When using SetValue (0,51) when the gray value of 50 parts were extracted, but SetValue (0,151) when just 3 parts have been extracted, can extract surface alone, Setting effect is one of several color (red,...

Image Processing C++

Image fusion based on contourlet 1_ pixel absolute max

2015-11-22 21:40    By:lingdianling0411      View:50      Download:0

1_ pixel of image fusion based on contourlet absolute max   a good source   you can run out of   beginners use MATLAB scholars   can use this   easy to   want to give you some help   thank you...

Image Processing Matlab

contour map identification and vectorization (program + source)

2015-09-19 13:19    By:keluoshiyou      View:87      Download:0

。-contour map of identification and vectorization, can be achieved from the raster maps (currently supports bmp, catalog, etc.) access contours. GIS projects useful....

Graph Delphi

contour detection

2015-11-16 18:29    By:jindonglin      View:24      Download:0

find contour using opencv liabrary.Well, I don\'t really have any unique code. I just have a Mat I retrieve from the camera. I run the canny edge detector on it, and then find contours using findcontours (). All contours found are stored in a vector<vector >. Thats basically all I have so ther...

image C

contours generated by grid data

2015-10-20 00:33    By:mindport      View:38      Download:0

Composed of contours generated grid data, you can set the contour interval, and color fills. Extremely has  the reference value....

Algorithm C++

contour wave digital watermarking source

2015-09-09 09:19    By:吸血鬼的幽默      View:34      Download:0

contour wave digital watermarking sourcecontour wavecontour wave digital watermarking sourcecontour wave digital watermarking sourcecontour wave digital watermarking sourcecontour wave digital watermarking source digital watermarking sourcecontour wave digital watermarking sourcecontour wave digital...

Matlab Matlab

Gsnake, a practical active contour model

2015-10-21 16:16    By:shirley10125      View:170      Download:2

Active contour model is also called snake model, image segmentation is classic, the compressed file contains a large number of image segmentation based on snake model to achieve program...

Image Processing C++

HMT Hidden Markov contourlet

2015-09-23 08:17    By:享受孤独      View:19      Download:2

This is a Matlab implementation of hidden Markov tree model, the contourlet coefficient used to calculate the image. Programs also include the application of image denoising, texture, recovery model ....

Image Processing Matlab


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