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MultiThread client/server

2015-11-27 05:21    By:hcc      View:67      Download:1

client/server 執 mind marvelously more workers within a program, fully furnished accommodation brief description easy to order and implement file 傳 document, and MultiThread client/server Sample code, implement simple command parse and file transfer...


modbus TCPIP protocol client-server-side source code

2015-11-19 02:33    By:niedragon      View:470      Download:13

This is the modbus TCPIP protocol client-server-side source code, c ++ programming. Welcome to  download and try....

Embeded C++

android Xmpp text chat, voice chat, sending files

2015-11-23 20:02    By:xianzehua      View:955      Download:23

Xmpp-based text chat, voice chat, sending files server is Openfire,  can be used once the configuration of Openfire is done....

Android Java

[android] phone data to a computer (WiFi)

2015-11-26 12:16    By:jaychnou      View:119      Download:12

How to transfer  data from mobile phone to a computer via WIFI?  We can use the serverSocket (server side) and socket (client side) to implement as an example, Selected a photograph sent from the phone to the computer, Here it must be noted, server and client needs in the same UR...

Android Java

VPN android for VPN connectivity

2015-11-29 21:58    By:血精石      View:216      Download:4

Implementation on android platform called VPN connection to the server's virtual network...

Android Java

Latest high imitation of Tencent's QQ android code

2015-11-25 07:22    By:infosis      View:363      Download:5

Through the example of "latest high imitation of Tencent's QQ android code", fully understand the features and architecture of android, skilled in building integrated development environments and emulators, skilled in using the Eclipse integrated development environment to develop run Andr...

Android Java

Azimuth display software for android platform

2015-09-17 04:46    By:huazai      View:84      Download:2

android Platform design includes networking data display software receives data visualization and animation, electronic compass displays three sections. android mobile phone platform-targeting information display software, WIFI networks as data transmission medium, and system USR-WIFI232-B Wirel...

Android Java

client server GUI

2015-04-11 10:27    By:belimbingmuda      View:12      Download:0

Untuk broadcast file dengan waktu yang bisa ditentukan (schedule) *tugas matkul mobile programming milik Endri...

chat Java

android Bluetooth serial debugging assistant source code

2015-11-25 08:13    By:adam08      View:3543      Download:21

This is the Bluetooth serial debugging assistant android source code, test can be run. Welcome to download  and try. Thank you all for your support!...

Android Java


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