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GMDH type polynomial neural network

By means of GMDH algorithm a model can be represented as set of neurons in which different pairs of them in each layer are connected through a quadratic polynomial and thus produce new neurons in the next layer. Such representation can be used in modelling to map inputs to outputs. The formal defini...

polynomial based on single linked list operations

Towards the next function: 1. create a singly linked list stores the node indices and coefficients of the polynomial. 2. output a polynomial. 3. the sum of polynomial. 4. multiply polynomials....

polynomial curve fitting

This program uses the idea of numerical calculation method and do a regression polynomial fitting, using the Gaussian elimination method for solving least squares solutions of linear equations, according to 1990-2000 10 statistical demographic data, prediction of United States 2010 and 2020 populati...

newton and lagrange interpolation and polynomial curve fitting

Newton and lagrange interpolation, polynomial curve fitting written for the assignments. It includes:(i)Curve fitting by a cubic polynomial;(ii)Newton's interpolating polynomial;(ii)Lagrange interpolating polynomial....

polynomial fitting demo

1. Copy the data in a txt file x,y 2. Enter the fitting order numbers 3. click on the fitting...

Basic operations of linear form and arithmetic operations on polynomials

Linear table operations: Add member function in a sequential list class SeqList void Reverse (), the order table counter reset Increased in the order table class SeqList member function bool DeleteX (const t &x), delete all elements equal to x in the table element. If this element...

Tracking Control of Robot Manipulators via Orthogonal polynomials Neural Network

In this paper, an orthogonal functions neural network is used to achieve the control of nonlinear systems. The adaptive controller is constructed by using chebyshev orthogonal polynomials neural network, which has advantages such as simple structure and fast convergence speed. The ada...

legender polynomial root

the zip file legender contains 10  functions.each of it has its own work.The discription how to use is stated inside program as  epolym() function can calculate  Legendre polynomials of degree up to n, i.e., 0,1, ...,n    % y=lepolym(n,x) returns the Legendr...

RMI program to solve polynomials

This java program is to solve polynomials of any powers with much accuracy. This is a java program that uses RMI technique in this. All the polynomial problems can be given from the client side, which will be processed and given back by server to client. finally the client displays the solution as o...

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