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bmp file is read into memory codes

2015-11-26 02:39    By:jluyf      View:29      Download:1

The bmp file is read into memory, c ++ language. bmp (full name Bitmap) is a Windows operating system standard image file formats, can be divided into two categories: device-dependent bitmap (DDB) and device-independent bitmap (DIB), the use of very broad. It uses a bit-mapped storage format, in add...

Graph C++

AviTobmp Project

2014-12-23 06:52    By:zhaojun453      View:23      Download:0

this code can convert avi format video to bmp sequences, writen in c++ . you can open it by vs2008 or higher version .this is console code ,that no gui ,so you must init it in code.Thank you for download, share the code....

Windows C++

Simple bmp read (8bit and 24bit)

2015-01-11 10:23    By:tyranitarah      View:31      Download:0

Since writing a bmp reading program.  Mainly contains four .h files can be multiplexed to the program through direct include.  The program bmp's eight and 24 unified interface....

Image Processing C++

bmp085 driver for xmega

2014-12-23 09:07    By:tbag      View:44      Download:0

This is a driver software for Atxmega microcontrollers to work with bmp085 pressure sensor. Most of the drivers are made for ATMEGA not ATXMEGA. ...

Embeded C

STM32-based pressure sensors bmp180

2015-11-29 22:38    By:kxj0608      View:217      Download:6

STM32-based pressure sensors bmp180 drive, the sensor uses the IIC communication, bmp180 drive, IIC communication can also study, compile error to modify the include file included...

Driver Development C

JPEG convert to bmp source code

2015-11-05 19:10    By:zhyaic      View:146      Download:3

Transfer JPEG bmp source code, C++, very concise and practical ... .... JPEG.cpp This is the main application source file. JPEG.dsp This file (the project file) contains information at the project level and is used to build a single project or subproject. Other users can share the pro...

Windows C++

bmp image animation effects

2015-02-20 06:44    By:RichardHu      View:23      Download:0

bmp image animation bmp animation frames...

CSharp C#

Raw2bmp format conversion c++code

2015-10-22 03:55    By:manu_l      View:157      Download:3

Using the C++ language to convert raw format images to bmp format files Includes sample pictures, Lena.raw for the input and output for Lena.bmp, the program to convert raw format image files to bmp format picture files *.bmp format for image processing used picture format pictures in va...

Image Processing C++

bmp picture file convert to DAT file in CCS

2015-04-21 04:25    By:larry      View:32      Download:0

bmp picture file convert to DAT file in the CCS, detailed, and reliable. bmp picture file is processed as an image file, convert DAT files, and in some cases more conducive for programming, running. CCS is the program for convert your bmp image file to DAT file....

Image Processing C


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