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cinema ticket

2014-11-23 12:46    By:hugoprogramer      View:181      Download:7

cinema ticket Booking Project: cinema has been become so much popular in the whole world.Peoples spent there free time in cinemas.It is a sort of entertainment for every type of peoples includes child,girls,and every peoples.As you have seen there is always a lot of peoples in the lines s...

DataBase PHP

cinema ticketing system

2014-11-23 12:23    By:zhangzhen6082314      View:82      Download:0

Manual ticketing procedures cumbersome and inefficient to have a strong sense of time managers brought a lot of inconvenience, theaters lacked a proper ticketing system software, for the administrative convenience of ticket, cinema ticketing system must be developed. The application and advanc...

CSharp C#

deguang-tickets-helper C# codes

2014-11-23 09:22    By:Lin      View:18      Download:0

Norihiro train assistants in order to facilitate Internet users 12306.CN booking and development of auxiliary software quickly and easily. Recently we are has experience to kept login, refresh www.12306.CN of suffering, both effect has work, and is difficult to login in, to...

web C#

cinema ticketing system

2014-11-23 02:22    By:gumeng89      View:20      Download:0

51aspx source must-read. txt dianyingyuan.sln ............ AbouForm.cs ............ AbouForm.Designer.cs ............ AbouForm.resx ............binDebugbone.jpg ....................dianyingyuan.exe ....................dianyingyuan.pdb ....................dianyingyuan.vshost.exe ...............

DataBase VB

Online bus ticket booking system

2014-11-23 17:13    By:aksh      View:194      Download:1

Online-Bus-ticket-booking-system-asp.net-project   This website of a typical travels, which runs buses between different cities, allows user to get information about bus services and book seats. As it is a classroom project it does not provide payment option but it allows user...

Web Browser C#

Online ticketing systems

2014-11-19 11:34    By:wxhwdh      View:33      Download:0

Written in c + + a good cinema ticketing systems, ticketing personnel should be able to help increase productivity, helping staff use computers, extremely convenient for 影院 Related to data management, such as input, output, find the relevant operation, litter cinema ticket data to be concrete, i...

Windows C++

Online ticket booking

2014-11-23 09:54    By:sham      View:122      Download:1

Online travel ticket booking is made in Java J2EE technology.The portal is help to book ticket by internet. The database is in Oracle, the struts 1.x framewok is used.The various user has various role in ticket booking process the admin has full control on the website.He can add agent,ad...

Windows Java

12306 train ticket booking Assistant source code

2014-11-23 15:14    By:wzhq0598      View:49      Download:0

You can automatically recognize CAPTCHA, ticket information, vehicle type filter Origin recognition spell English abbreviation queries automatically every 5 seconds. ticket booking functionality. Same basic functions in the functionality of the site. Note: Development environment for Visual Stud...

CSharp C#

ticket Reservation - PHP Project

2014-11-23 10:09    By:vimal      View:103      Download:0

Hi, this project is basically to help you book bus tickets online. It conatins javascript and php/mysql functions. Beware, this will prove useful to basically anybody. Have fun and enjoy! Cheers. ......

SQL Server PHP

PHP booking train tickets

2014-11-22 23:14    By:derek0      View:32      Download:2

PHP + MYSQL online ordering tickets (according to the type of difference trips seat models), check the basic functions ticket information, manage members, manage orders, etc....

DataBase PHP

fish developed 12306 ticket helper for Chrome,Firefox

2014-11-23 03:42    By:Lin      View:109      Download:0

fish developed 12306 ticket helper for Chrome,Firefox,etc...

Browser JavaScript

Online tickets booking system source code

49 minutes ago    By:fdgd      View:85      Download:1

Look for train ticket order, how to use, ticket inquiries, changes, refunds and other operations, pride and discover and love each other a lot lying Ze room planning, card numbers issued a major shareholder of joint-stock company is a fruit cake, Shandong is France Embassy of how tall how much third...

Android Java

Airplane ticket booking system

2014-11-23 19:34    By:zhaobao      View:73      Download:0

(1) entry: can entry flights situation (data can storage in a data file in the, data structures , and specific data since set) (2) query: can query a route of situation (as, entered flights, , query landing time, took off arrived in city, flights fare, fare discount, determines flights whether full...

Linux programming C
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