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Online bus color=red>ticket color=red>booking system

2015-10-08 22:17    By:aksh      View:498      Download:5

Online-Bus-color=red>ticket-color=red>   This website of a typical travels,which runs buses between different cities, allows user to get information aboutbus services and book seats. As it is a classroom project it does not providepayment option but it allows user to book seat and the...

Web Browser C#

Online color=red>ticket color=red>booking

2015-10-12 17:11    By:sham      View:274      Download:2

Online travel color=red>ticket color=red>booking is made in Java J2EE technology.The portal is help to book color=red>ticket by internet. The database is in Oracle, the struts 1.x framewok is used.The various user has various role in color=red>ticket color=red>booking process the admin has full control on the website.He can add agent,ad...

Windows Java

12306 train color=red>ticket color=red>booking Assistant source code

2015-09-16 22:43    By:wzhq0598      View:111      Download:1

You can automatically recognize cAPTcHA, color=red>ticket information, vehicle type filter Origin recognition spell English abbreviation queries automatically every 5 seconds. color=red>ticket color=red>booking functionality. Same basic functions in the functionality of the site. Note: Development environment for Visual Stud...

CSharp C#

LIBSVM-Farutocolor=red>Ultimate Toolkit and GUI color=red>Version introduces and uses

2015-10-10 02:36    By:njwhat      View:152      Download:1

Using libsvm Toolbox for classification and regression, SVM learning in course of the underlying statistical learning theory, then their perfect lifting MATLAB color=red>Version of libsvm, Mr Lin Zhiren libsvm-mat based on their own has prepared auxiliary functions (parameter optimization or something), then...

Matlab Matlab

color=red>cinema color=red>ticketing system

2015-10-09 23:18    By:zhangzhen6082314      View:172      Download:1

Manual color=red>ticketing procedures cumbersome and inefficient to have a strong sense of time managers brought a lot of inconvenience, theaters lacked a proper color=red>ticketing system software, for the administrative convenience of color=red>ticket, color=red>cinema color=red>ticketing system must be developed. The application and advanc...

CSharp C#

Airplane color=red>ticket color=red>booking system

2015-09-18 18:48    By:zhaobao      View:114      Download:0

(1) entry: can entry flights situation (data can storage in a data file in the, data structures , and specific data since set) (2) query: can query a route of situation (as, entered flights, , query landing time, took off arrived in city, flights fare, fare discount, determines flights whether full...

Linux programming C

Online color=red>ticket color=red>booking System

2015-10-07 06:37    By:Mohit      View:95      Download:5

Online color=red>ticket color=red>booking System is a project based on ASP.NET and SQL SERVER. This application can be used to book online bus color=red>tickets. It is very useful application for beginner to start with....

CSharp C#


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