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color=red>code color=red>matlab for MIMO OFDM COMMUNICATION WITH color=red>matlab

MIMO-OFDM is a key technology for next-generation cellular communications (3GPP-LTE, Mobile WiMAX, IMT-Advanced) as well as wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11n),wireless PAN (MB-OFDM), and broadcasting (DAB, DVB, DMB). This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic theory and prac...

color=red>code color=red>matlab genetic algorithm

Genetic algorithm, color=red>matlab color=red>code to be used: the maximum value of the function is 3905.9262, two parameters are-2.048, and sometimes local maxima, at which point an argument-2.048, 2.048. Mutation probability PM=0.05, crossover probability PC=0.8....

color=red>matlab training programs (two dimensional histogram)

color=red>matlab training programs (two dimensional histogram) ordinary histogram statistics pixel intensity in an image show up frequently. One dimension of two-dimensional histogram is a normal histogram, namely statistics pixel intensity in an image of occurrences. Another dimension of the concept is vague...

color=red>matlab training program (call color=red>matlab c/c + +)

color=red>matlab training program (call color=red>matlab c/c + +) environment is windows7+vs2010+color=red>matlabR2010b here is the statement by calling the color=red>matlab engine to, this is achieved by calling compiled into m file h/lib/DLL file. color=red>matlab Terminal input to select the compiler you want to use, follow the prompts to select...

color=red>matlab training program (called color=red>matlab c/c + +)

color=red>matlab training program (called color=red>matlab c/c + +) my environment here is window7+vs2010+color=red>matlab R2010b. First of all, you need to enter MEX-Setup to determine if the compiler you want to use, follow the instructions step by step down the line. Here is write a c++ file, here writing the c++ file name is...

color=red>matlab training programs (bilateral filtering)

color=red>matlab training programs (bilateral filtering) bilateral filter templates for two main template, first is the Gaussian profile, the second is based on gray level difference as generated by the coefficients of the function template. And these two templates dot get the final bilateral filter templates...

color=red>matlab training program (PSNR)

color=red>matlab training program (PSNR) PSNR peak signal to noise ratio, typically used to evaluate an image and compared to the original image quality after compression is good or bad, of course, poor quality of compressed image must be larger than the original image, so use this index to the required stand...

color=red>code EXCITED LINEAR PREDICTION color=red>codeR - color=red>matlab color=red>code

This is the color=red>matlab color=red>code for CELP algorithm. color=red>codebook Excited Linear Prediction (CELP) is oneof the most widely used class of speech color=red>coders which is based on the concept ofLinear Prediction Coding....

color=red>matlab image processing color=red>codes

color=red>matlab language for image processing, such as image open, heavy, closed, vertical mirror image, horizontal mirror, gray scale, and color histogram equalization, image enhancement, smoothing and sharpening, plus noise, such as salt and pepper noise Gaussian noise, multiplicative noise, Poisson noise...

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