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Graduate employment or=red>management or=red>system based on or=red>java

2015-03-13 01:39    By:liufeiwu      View:16      Download:0

This or=red>system Main functions are : Manage and making statistics of the information of employment of graduates; : One is based on the student's employment  college enrollment or=red>management provide important information ; Second, effective statistical college graduate Health...

Java Development Java

order and contract or=red>management or=red>system developed with or=red>java

2015-03-17 09:24    By:zhu7100882@126.com      View:48      Download:0

JSP pages at the front desk of the codeModify password change add a or=red>system user or=red>management or=red>system users a user name user name: password: repeat password: or=red>javaBEAN class interface<bean name="Bean_name" varname="local_Bean_name" type ="class_or_interface_name" introspe...

Java Development Java

php ,mysql,.net,python,or=red>java,oracle

2014-12-10 03:35    By:satish      View:22      Download:0

dfd sdfdfdf lease do your best to describe your or=red>project in details. Better content will gain much more points for  lease do your best to describe your or=red>project in details. Better content will gain much more points for lease do your best to describe your or=red>project in details. Better conte...

Web Framework PHP

or=red>java platform of NetBeans module development

2014-12-16 13:40    By:244894824      View:24      Download:0

Modular development with or=red>java source code navigation tree sheet tables, click on the left to implement the right of the event. Can customize the Add tree node, you can also delete tree nodes. To modify the sheet form...

Java Development Java

OpenGL MUST or=red>project 1[Polyline Editor] use linked list of C++

2015-01-28 06:25    By:myteat      View:110      Download:0

#include <D:HomeworkOpenGLor=red>project1GLUT 3.7glut.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #include "point.h" /*draw line from the line array*/ void drawPointLine() { Node * temp; for (int i=0;i<Arraysize;i++) { temp=polylineArray[i]; glBeg...

OpenGL C++

Signal or=red>systems or=red>project

2015-03-12 19:32    By:317411971      View:79      Download:0

Produce and play a sound signal of 6 seconds f(t)=exp(t-6)sin(2π*Ft) with a sampling rate of 8000dots/s by or=red>using MATLAB, with the frequency F being 494, 440, 392, 440, 494 and 494 Hz in order. Each frequency should last for 1 second....

Audio Matlab

OpenGL MUST or=red>project 1[Polyline Editor] use Array of C++

2014-12-31 04:43    By:myteat      View:33      Download:0

// student name: // student ID: // date: /*#include "D:HomeworkOpenGLFinalCGLabGLUT_Toolkitglut.h"*/ #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> GLint ploypoint = 0; GLint ployline=-1; GLint height; GLint choose=0; GLint move_ployline,move_ploypoint;...

OpenGL C++

SLAM or=red>using matlab for mobile robot

4 hours ago    By:redfires      View:141      Download:5

Professor Salvi provides third party MATLAB SLAM toolbox: Matlab Toolbox of Kalman Filtering: applied to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Vehicle moving in 1D, 2D and 3D...

Image Processing Matlab

or=red>java hotel or=red>management or=red>system

8 hours ago    By:980752307@qq.com      View:101      Download:0

or=red>java development of hotel or=red>management or=red>system, database or=red>using mysqlThere are configuration files that can be configured according to the...

Java Development Java

Library or=red>management or=red>system or=red>project

1 hours ago    By:sandeep      View:244      Download:1

The or=red>project titled Library or=red>management or=red>system is Library or=red>management software for monitoring and controlling the transactions  in a library. The or=red>project is developed in or=red>java, which mainly focuses on basic operations in a library like adding new member,  new books, and updati...

Java Development Java

or=red>java HR or=red>management or=red>system based on MVC model

2015-03-24 01:23    By:snow      View:169      Download:0

or=red>java-based personnel or=red>management or=red>system MVC model, mainly the following functions 1. 2. Position or=red>management Sector or=red>management 3. Entry or=red>management 4. or=red>management 5. probation department job mobility or=red>management mobility or=red>management 6. 7. 8. Employee Turnover manage employee information center 9. report M...

Java Development JSP

or=red>java_ achievement or=red>management or=red>system

2015-02-25 03:43    By:小能冬      View:22      Download:0

The performance or=red>management or=red>system developed or=red>using or=red>java language and content contained within the database, stored and read from the database. And document specific instructions, and the screenshot shows, as well as the database created on the local computer...

Java Development Java

Student information or=red>management or=red>system by or=red>java+access

2015-03-28 21:25    By:香辣鸡腿      View:153      Download:0

The code for student information or=red>management or=red>system through or=red>java and access, reflecting the additions and deletions of data rewrite function. order through this small way to achieve basic student information or=red>management, it can help us beginners to learn....

Java Development Java

or=red>java oracle database simple queries

2014-11-22 21:02    By:qwe      View:19      Download:0

or=red>java to connect to the database, three-step loading-driven access to create a database connection object to create a query returns a result set When you need something, when in the appropriate methods to obtain...

Java Development Java

or=red>using or=red>java to oracle database spatial queries

2014-11-11 06:45    By:Ostrichi      View:17      Download:0

oracle Spatial database and query, and or=red>java to connect to the database, and then operate on the database. Includes spatial data in tables, indexes, resumes, insert meta data; queries, the queries include the space in the shape of junction area of contains queries, query, and so on....

Java Development Java

Simple student or=red>management or=red>system by or=red>java

2015-03-15 07:16    By:cyandkym      View:267      Download:1

For or=red>java beginner, simple student or=red>management or=red>system...

Java Develop Java

or=red>java score or=red>management or=red>system

2 hours ago    By:lt543968632      View:88      Download:0

Score or=red>management or=red>system description or=red>system name: Student score or=red>management or=red>system Main function: 1. record the student's name, student number, date of birth. 2. Recording mathematics, English. 3. adding data. 4. Modify the data. 5. to delete the data. 6. To vie...

Java Development Java

Work attendance or=red>management or=red>system vb

2015-03-28 01:12    By:fredchen      View:294      Download:0

It is developed with vb 6.0 + Access checking attendance or=red>management or=red>system, applied research associates. This or=red>system including, attendance or=red>management, analysis of clock. But does not include payroll calculation module....

VB 考勤管理 VB

or=red>java simple student or=red>management or=red>system

2015-03-26 11:09    By:inxs      View:70      Download:0

Course design of student or=red>management or=red>system in or=red>java, including source code and course design. Find all the Internet, don't steal, don't want me indecent assault, I was unable to. Because of exams coming up, I haven't paid the curriculum design, you're upset is not upset....

Java Development Java

Address list or=red>using or=red>java

2015-03-15 06:51    By:rxw      View:116      Download:2

or=red>using or=red>java to realize a contact list, suitable for beginners. With simple queries, insert, delete and other functions! AddressBook1.0: a command-line based, data is stored in a properties file in the config directory. admin.properties: stored user names and passwords, telephone.properties: store add...

Java Development Java
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