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Online bus ticket booking system

44 minutes ago    By:aksh      View:231      Download:1

Online-Bus-ticket-booking-system-asp.net-project   This website of a typical travels, which runs buses between different cities, allows user to get information about bus services and book seats. As it is a classroom project it does not provide payment option but it allows user...

Web Browser C#

Airline reservation system in Java

2014-11-28 23:32    By:naidu      View:98      Download:2

The project presented here is the Airline reservation system. Airline reservations system is an integrated passenger processing system, including inventory, fares, ticket-less operations and credit card transactions. All communications are via TCP/IP network protocol enabling the using of...

Java Development Java

system v shared memory based inter-process communication framework

2014-11-27 22:12    By:myzlr      View:375      Download:0

This project is a system v shared memory based inter-process communication framework Compressed package provides source code and the corresponding sample programs, and documentation. Protocol Overview: Use system V Shared memory interprocess communication. Because it provides only the shared mem...

Linux programming C

railway reservation system

2014-11-28 06:05    By:ramesh      View:89      Download:0

Our mini project is on Railway reservation system. The Railway  reservation system is a web-based application that allows visitors check for Railway ticket availability,Book tickets , Tatkal reservation, Booking seats, Providing information about all services, Feedback regarding the servic...

Java Development Java

ticket reservation - PHP Project

2014-11-28 08:29    By:vimal      View:117      Download:0

Hi, this project is basically to help you book bus tickets online. It conatins javascript and php/mysql functions. Beware, this will prove useful to basically anybody. Have fun and enjoy! Cheers. ......

SQL Server PHP

MVC-based online flight ticket reservation application

2014-11-26 16:41    By:RUBBER      View:35      Download:0

MVC-based online flight ticket reservation application. A jsp page and java servlet (Login.java) for user login • A jsp page and java servlet (Registration.java) for new user registration • A jsp page for flight search query. • A jsp page for search results • A jsp page for vi...

Java Development JSP

Online Bus reservation system in php

2014-11-28 06:13    By:vp1319      View:138      Download:1

This project is for Developing a Online Bus reservation system. It's can user Easily To reservation Through this site,  it's the main goal of our project... This project is developed in PHP Language. Thanks...!!...

Web Browser PHP

Online airline reservation systems MYSQL database based on Java

2014-11-28 18:15    By:lnsoftware      View:361      Download:5

Online air ticket booking system based on Java, is based on Mysql database and user management can be achieved, hair stations and arrival of query, order inquiry system!...

Java Development JSP

How to create an online hotel reservation system using php

2014-11-28 05:41    By:lotfilotfi      View:222      Download:0

In this code you will learn on how to create an online hotel reservation system using php. you will also learn on how to create an input validation using javascrpit. you will also lear on how to create online payment using paypal. this is the version 2.0 of my online reservation system versi...

Windows ASP/ASPX

AIRLINE reservation system

5 minutes ago    By:ruchil      View:162      Download:4

An airline reservation system is part of the so-called passenger service systems, which are applications supporting the direct contact with the passenger.here it is online airline reservation system. in which customer register its ticket on the airways.so it makes custo...

Windows PHP

Airline reservation systems

6 minutes ago    By:blur      View:44      Download:0

1. course information: each route information including flight number, aircraft, destinations, booking number, the more votes a total of 5. Assume for the moment that there are 3 routes, destinations are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, seating 100 people on the plane (that is, the initial booking numb...

课程设计 C++
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