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Fast fourier transform

2015-05-21 04:59    By:hongyunnchen      View:51      Download:0

A fast fourier transform  is an algorithm to compute the discrete fourier transform and its inverse. fourier analysis converts time  to frequency and vice versa; an FFT rapidly computes such transformations by factorizingthe DFT matrix ...

Algorithm C

Fast fourier transform(FFT) in C#

2015-09-03 01:44    By:fantom44      View:73      Download:0

 this program provide a class to calculate fast fourier transform (FFT) to compute the discrete fourier transform (DFT) and its inverse....

Voice C#

Short-time fourier transform

2015-10-27 03:56    By:neighbor      View:59      Download:0

The short-time fourier transform (STFT) is used for transforming a signal of time to frequency domain, but often is used when our signal has low amplitude and some ranges of frequency close. In this code you can choose what window to use. gaussian, hamming.. etc....

Matlab Matlab

Short-time fourier transform, draw three-dimension time-frequency of speech signals

2015-10-13 22:58    By:xiaofen_27      View:60      Download:1

Through. wav audio files for a short-time fourier transform, draw its three-dimension time-frequency diagram. Measurement is available....

Matlab Matlab

Written by VC ++ 6.0 fourier transform fourier program

2015-11-13 20:33    By:zhangxiaochao      View:59      Download:0

This procedure is to use vc + + 6.0 implementation of fourier transform, the MFC framework program, can be directly executed, note detailed, clear, easy to master by the beginner...

Image Processing C++

Short-time fourier transform

2015-07-13 05:21    By:ryanshaxiaozi      View:15      Download:0

This program is mainly a particular change in a short-time fourier transform, Gabor transform time-frequency resolution is the highest of them in short-time fourier transform, people have a lot of time-frequency analysis in early to help, to understanding and to further understanding of time-frequen...

Matlab Matlab

Blood Flow Signals non-parametric spectral estimation and short-time fourier transform

2015-09-24 23:01    By:gongpan10      View:22      Download:1

Since the wave source and the receiver (or the viewer) of the relative movement, so that the actual observed frequency of the frequency of the wave source there is a difference. This phenomenon is called Doppler effect....

Algorithm Matlab

fourier transform Animation

2015-09-02 08:06    By:ahmedss2006      View:30      Download:0

This program contains animations/demos for the following: 1. 1D fourier transform & its inverse (on discrete random samples): reconstruct the original signal by adding the 1D FT sin's/cos's components together  2. 2D fourier transform & its inverse...

Image Processing C#


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