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color=red>convert color images to grayscale images in the OpenMP+Cuda accelerated video, extraction of video image edge

2015-09-08 09:14    By:liuzhan      View:1075      Download:0

Objective: to speed up video color=red>converting color images to grayscale images, extraction of edges in video images. Development environment: Windows 8.1 x64 OS   vs2012 cuda5.5  opencv2.4.8 hardware:NVIDIA  GeForce GT 740M, 4G RAM, Intel (r) Core (TM) i5-4200MCPU @2.50GHz need to conf...

Parallel Computing C++

To gray color images VC++ source

2015-07-03 11:11    By:hiembd      View:11      Download:0

Written in C++, and does not use any third-party API, realizes the function of color=red>converting color images to grayscale images, test works well....

Image Processing C++

Recoloring gray images using color images templates

2015-11-06 16:06    By:jmxntg      View:20      Download:0

This project shows an example of how to perform recoloring of a gray scale image based on another colored image. It simple uses the colored image as a template to create a hash for searching the new RGB values that will be derived from the gray image. Code uses only imageIO, no additional library is...

Image Processing Java

Cximage library and application examples

2015-11-19 19:44    By:langhaibo      View:153      Download:1

This document contains Cximage library source code generated and related library usage example code It can easily be accessed, display and color=red>convert various image....

Image Processing C++

color image Enhancement with a Human Visual System Based Adaptive Filter

2015-10-22 19:22    By:balu      View:50      Download:0

image enhancement technology is one of the basic technologies in image processing field. The aim of image enhancement is to improve the interpretability or perception of information in images for human viewers, or to provide `better' input for other automated image processing techniques. Recent...

Image Processing Matlab

MFC Cimage class

2015-11-15 11:36    By:804950206      View:112      Download:1

VC++ in the instructions for use of the Cimage class, Super detail, powerful...

Image Processing Visual C++

image show into gray scale,binary,saturated image,hue and intensity image

2015-07-24 16:04    By:wajiha      View:19      Download:0

image show...By using aforge library it color=red>converts image into a gray scale,binary (balck and white),give saturated image, apply hue on image and also find detection of edges on the image...First u browse your image then that image gain all of these techniques from this one application..... ...

Image Processing C#

gray c # image processing

2015-07-05 06:57    By:纷飞果冻      View:36      Download:0

Typical cases of digital image processing algorithms in c # (source code) gray c # image processing based on gray-level processing...

Image Processing C#


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