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Viterbi decoding algorithm for convolutional codes

2015-11-04 03:52    By:qqianluo      View:88      Download:0

convolutional codes k into n-bits of information bits, but k and n is usually small, especially in serial form for transmission delay small. Viterbi decoding on the grid is based on the received sequence in the code to find a distance from the received sequence (or other measures) for a minimum of a...

Matlab Matlab

Image convolution

2015-08-14 03:09    By:aborisov      View:15      Download:0

Using the Sample Application A Sample Application has been included with this article’s sample source code. The Sample Application has been developed to target the Windows Forms platform. Using the Sample Application users are able to select a source/input image from the local file system an...

Windows C#

convolutional Encoder Viterbi Encoder

2015-11-08 14:30    By:brkzfy      View:45      Download:0

convolutional Encoder (2 to 5 rating) and Soft Decision Viterbi Decoder implemented in MATLAB convolutional Encoder and Viterbi Decoder  % Generator polynomials g1 = [1,0,1,0,0,1,1,1]; g2 = [1,1,1,1,0,1,1,0]; g3 = [0,1,1,1,1,0,0,1]; g4 = [1,0,1,1,0,1,1,0];...

Algorithm Matlab

convolution Using Discrete Sine and Cosine Transforms

2015-05-14 22:23    By:VGR      View:17      Download:0

An alternative method for linear convolution Using Discrete Sine and Cosine Transforms, published in V. G. Reju, S. N. Koh and I. Y. Soon, “convolution Using Discrete Sine and Cosine Transforms,” IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Vol. 14, NO. 7, July 2007, pp. 445–448. (Second among the t...

Algorithm Matlab

MATLAB implementation of two-dimensional convolution custom functions

2015-08-14 03:11    By:lilyw_piecebear      View:31      Download:0

This code is used for imaging of two-dimensional convolution, function as a custom function, the basic realization of MATLAB functions built-in functions. This function takes two variables, a name for a picture, eg:'a.jpg' two for the convolution kernel matrix The f...

Matlab Matlab

2D convolution

2015-05-14 10:57    By:dona      View:16      Download:0

Aim: To write MATLAB function for 2-D convolution. Theory: 2-D convolution can be performed through matrix multiplication. To do this, form ,the block matrices H0,H1 etc. from one of the matrices and block toeplitz Matrix has to be formed from the block matrices.The other matrix is written in c...

Image Processing Matlab

deconvolution, beamforming deconvolution, source localization

2015-10-19 18:53    By:ring      View:62      Download:2

EMBED :: Efficient Methods for BEamforming Deconvolution.EMBED is a small MATLAB package accompanying the journal paper:Lylloff, Oliver, Efren Fernandez-Grande, Elisabet Tiana-Roig, Finn Agerkvist, Martin S. Andersen and Jørgen Hald. "Improving the effciency of deconvolution algorithms for sou...

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