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Kernel PCA and Pre-image Reconstruction

2014-12-16 20:43    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:55      Download:1

Principal component analysis (PCA) is a popular tool for linear dimensionality reduction and feature extraction. Kernel PCA is the nonlinear form of PCA, which is promising in exposing the more complicated correlation between original high-dimensional features. In this paper, we first talk about the...

Matlab Matlab

android download image demo,used async http on android

2014-12-02 06:24    By:leenux      View:49      Download:0

android download image demo,used async http on android example: String[] allowedContentTypes = new String[] { "image/png",      "image/jpeg" };     client.get("http://m.synjones.mobi/ocsp/logo/23010001xcv.png", new binaryHttpResponseHandler(allow...

Android Java

Topology to create vanet scenario

2014-12-20 07:11    By:nguyendung      View:69      Download:5

using to create vanet topology if you want to simulate, it is useful....

Matlab Matlab

android menu sample

2014-12-19 02:14    By:victory0761      View:37      Download:0

package com.wjq.menu; import android.app.Activity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.Menu; import android.view.MenuItem; import android.widget.Toast; public class DefaultMenu extends Activity { /** Called when the activity is first created. */ @Override public void on...

Android Java

Download android thread breakpoints

2014-12-07 13:09    By:macowin      View:34      Download:1

Download android thread breakpoints The sample code package com.smart.activoty.download; import java.io.File; import android.app.Activity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.os.Environment; import android.os.Handler; import android.os.Message; import android.view.View; imp...

Android Java

android Wifi hotspot created with connection

2014-12-19 12:10    By:physco-pass      View:190      Download:1

Recent projects require the use of knowledge based on WIFI hotspots to transfer files, write a small program, used to quickly create and connect hotspot....

Android Java

CXimage7.02 by VS2005 to verify the available

2014-12-13 12:23    By:jxaucm      View:25      Download:0

Cximage bad compilation, this is my latest version 7.02 after verification is available Simple use of Cximage class under the brief, I hope to come into contact with Cximage friends some help, I use the tools is VS2005 After opening the Cximage works these works can be seen in the follow...

Image Processing C++

Simple file manager android source code

2014-12-11 09:51    By:zyx1211      View:34      Download:0

This project is a simple file manager, open traverse the folders that can be read later. Built-in text editor, you can edit the text document, and save the edited text message. You can do file copy, paste, create new file/folder, rename, delete files or folders, and other functions. But currently on...

Android Java

Canny edge detection

2014-12-20 10:00    By:wandouqiang      View:101      Download:0

image edge detection based on OpenCV, using the canny algorithm, call the OpenCV library functions, and creates a slider the specified window displays an image, press the wait...

Image Processing C++

Bulk CT scans TIFF images compressed and stored as JPG files smaller

2014-11-30 11:19    By:guolong111      View:83      Download:0

Bulk CT scans TIFF images compressed and stored as a jpg file. CT scan pictures of large amount of data,  we have designed an algorithm that Compress it into a black and white channel, made into a JPG, so that  future synthesis of three digital entities....

Image Editing C++

android address book

2014-12-15 20:49    By:lzl5233      View:160      Download:1

Achieved by SQLIITE contacts database CRUD layout does not look good, the database is a good package,  you can directly call...

Android Java

MFC Cimage class

2014-12-20 21:34    By:804950206      View:97      Download:0

VC++ in the instructions for use of the Cimage class, Super detail, powerful...

Image Processing Visual C++

Cximage library and application examples

2014-12-18 02:01    By:langhaibo      View:125      Download:0

This document contains Cximage library source code generated and related library usage example code It can easily be accessed, display and convert various image....

Image Processing C++

VC ++ digital image processing (source), including source code and test images

2014-12-19 09:14    By:Amy      View:134      Download:0

Xie Fengying VC++ digital image processing (source) includes source code and test images, Nineth part is too large,will upload separately...

Image Processing C

android image Format change jpg to png

2014-12-10 23:51    By:Gooday      View:36      Download:0

This Project chage the image format jpg to png(png to jpg) first image : original image source second image : It change jpg low quality compressed format ( quality ratio 3 ) third image : It change the image format jpg to png...

Android Java

Wordpress for android

2014-12-17 22:14    By:freeworm      View:252      Download:1

WordPress for android is an Open Source project, which means anyone can play a part in its development. WordPress for android is released under the GNU General Public License. Both our app and our source code are free to download and use however you’d like. In return, if you are able, we...

Android Java

android picture zoom

2014-12-20 05:48    By:notunder      View:49      Download:0

Multi-touch zoom the picture in imageview...

Android Java

opencv show image

2014-12-17 10:07    By:chih0511      View:57      Download:0

Why using openCV version 2.4.9 In Visual Stdio 2013 C++ compile Icelin show image program...

Image Processing Visual C++
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