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Controllability and observability of boolean Networks

Controllability and observability of boolean Networks initiated by D.Z.Cheng in 2002. Random forests are also included  ...

Linear representation of boolean Networks

Linear representation of boolean Networks  Semi tensor product with boolean control networks are briefly coded in Matlab. It was field initiated by DZ cheng...

VTK polygon boolean operations on source code,

VTK polygon boolean operations on the source and treatment effect is great, but more than 100,000 of the triangular patch is slower-VTK polygonal boolean operations source code, the operation result is great, but for more than 100,000 triangles it is a little slower...

Cork boolean Library

Cork boolean Library Welcome to the Cork boolean/csg library. Cork is designed to support boolean operations between triangle meshes. Surprisingly, most boolean/csg libraries available today (early 2013) are not robust to numerical errors. Floating-point errors often lead to segmen...

Check whether a given relation is boolean algebra or not

This program checks whther the given relation on a set is a boolean algebra or not. In order to verify that first we need to check whether the given set is reflexive, transitive, anti symmetric or not. if it satisfies the above three, then it is called a partially ordered set. Next...

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