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cuda parallel image processing

cuda conducted parallel image processing, as well as Gaussian filter the type of problems. Hoping to help you. Together with opencv and cuda write a code....


Image matching based on the cuda library, good introduction to learning code. cuda is an acronym for Compute Unified Device Architecture. Code consists mainly of cuda library of basic functions, image matching of source code, image processing source code source code and template matching, also conta...

ocr image recognition

Picture recognition ocr, API, called simple recognition rate was OK. ocr (Optical Character Recognition, optical character recognition ) is an electronic device (such as a scanner or digital camera) to check the characters that are printed on paper, by detecting mode determines the shape of dark, gl...

cuda program

Written in cuda GPU program for beginners of the cuda language students have a good reference value. Is written in c language, you need to configure the compilation environment and inclusion cuda library files needed...

cuda implementation for matrix inversion

cuda-based realization of matrix inversion function for This package contains a symmetric positive definit inverting a matrixusing a GPU. For usage, see the example in testspd.cpp.Also, general block matrix inversion through Gaussianelimination (without pivotting). See testge.cpp for example usage.N...

ocr face recognition delphi

This is the source code of the ocr face recognition using delphi. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

cuda in contrast to CPU (matrix multiplication)

Run and test the OpenMP Write two n First-order matrix a 和 b Multiply program results stored in array c In the multiplication for Compile guidance statements to parallelize operations 。 Serial execution and parallel execution time is calculated, aimed more speedup in different matrix size....

cuda parallel programming code

cuda Is a kind of parallel programming models, and the software environment to cope with such challenges as well as familiar C Languages such as standard programming language for programmers to quickly grasp cudacuda core has three important abstractions: shielding synchronization, shared mem...

cuda mutual information calculation

Ramtin Shams 07 Article Speeding up Mutual Information Computation Using leverage cuda compute mutual information for the NVIDIA cuda Hardware acceleration, the source code for this method. Source package includes source code, and related papers....

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