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brute force - string free combination

2015-09-21 02:30    By:hehe1988      View:21      Download:0

The program is based on .net4.0, for windowsform development, in all possible characters on the keyboard, based on a recursive method to generate an exhaustive character combination, generate the string, the establishment of a dictionary for brute force password....

Windows C#

Convert command and output between perforce unicode server and ansi client

2014-12-08 03:19    By:dai_lin      View:45      Download:0

Convert command and output between perforce unicode server and ansi client. Use p4ansi instead of p4....

Windows C++

FMcw MIMO Radar Based on Frequency Division

2015-11-19 03:42    By:ricky815001      View:44      Download:4

Abstract: The classical radar systems can be based on a phased array antenna technology to achieve an angular  resolution linear. If a high angular resolution requires a large antenna aperture is required. In the case of a single  transmitter (TX) received by the antenna elemen...

Matlab Matlab

MSCash v0.3

2014-11-20 22:06    By:heinrich      View:9      Download:0

MSCashe  is a  bruteforcer for domain cached passwords (MSCashe) on Windows. Uses CPU (SSE2) and GPU (Nvidia CUDA) for work. Author: Dmitry Borisov...

Crack_Hack C

v0.3 basic recognition program STC89LE52 LD3320

2015-09-01 10:53    By:evan      View:24      Download:0

LD3320 is a "voice recognition" ASIC. The chip contains a speech recognition processor and some external circuits, including AD and DA converters, microphone socket, Audio output interface. The chip does not need any external auxiliary chips such as RAM and Flash, directly integrated in...

Embeded C

zjtag v0.4 src

2015-11-12 04:00    By:Mr.Anderson      View:31      Download:0

zJTAG is based on BrJTAG, it supports TIAO parallel and USB jtag adapters. zJTAG supports many routers including WRT54G and you can add support to other routers easily....

Windows C

Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for sensor network nodes-virtual force method

2015-10-13 09:22    By:leitianqi800      View:170      Download:1

This code implements the functions is the use of particle swarm optimization algorithm for sensor network node configuration virtual force algorithm parameters optimization. After optimization, the node configuration is better than before....

Matlab Matlab


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