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linux Device Driver 3rd version

2015-10-21 21:08    By:iSearch      View:87      Download:2

Third edition books comes with linux Device Driver source code, If you just read it, you can only say you know this stuff, but if you do bring them, you will find that, it turned out that linux is really good, Oh...

Linux programming C

linux Systems Manager

2015-10-24 05:51    By:AlwaysOnline      View:50      Download:2

Butler integrates several linux systems management capabilities to manage your linux system, whether you are a newbie or expert you can use it to manage your system any portion of it, has reached tens of thousands of lines of code, has the reference value....

Linux programming C++

Video acquisition in linux server (UDP transmission,multithreadeds mode)

2015-11-12 00:29    By:julien_231p      View:763      Download:19

This is the source code of multi-threads network programming in linux. It implements ARM9 video acquisition and transfer JPEG data through the internet, using UDP protocol. I wrote it myself, several days hard work!  The  multi-threads programming is very complicated, very easy t...

Linux programming C

CPU_Mem_UsageRate_Calculator for linux developed CodeBlocks

2015-06-17 03:09    By:windofthesky      View:56      Download:0

For statistical purposes under the linux console tools for CPU and memory consumption is a small, late may further secondary development. development tool for Codeblocks project contained in it, in the CentOS6.5 under compile, you can run it....

Linux programming C

Encyclopedia of linux

2015-03-27 10:41    By:jiaokekeke      View:29      Download:0

Content including linux directive Guinness, linux system command, ISO file resolved, linux of common network command, fault recovery skills, system upgrade method, server of installed, executable file, process view, packaged command, disk partition, encryption principle, routing technology introduce...

Linux programming Java

linux 0.01 source code (+ comments)

2015-10-08 04:15    By:c_hand      View:90      Download:3

linux 0.01 source code, which packs all the linux version 0.01 source files, source code for detailed notes on each file in each statement....

Linux programming C

linux server time synchronization program

2015-11-03 12:56    By:liuyong_xa      View:55      Download:2

Under linux is implemented using UDP host time synchronization function. Program both the server and client. Among them, the hosts on which the server is run on a standard, Client runs on need time on the host. When implemented, the client sends to the server via UDP to correction requests, t...

Linux programming C++

shutdown remote PC using Rc5 protocol using system programming in linux

2015-10-26 02:39    By:sagar      View:135      Download:0

 HI, i have developed project "shutdown Remote pc using Rc5 protocol", In this project i configure serial communication between linux terminal and 8051 controller. I have decoded the Rc5 code using embedded c in 8051 and send command to the linux using UART serially. I have conneccted...

Linux programming C


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