Perspective projection, posted on Billboard Lena

2015-03-25 12:39    By:njwhat      View:3497      Download:0

MATLAB training program (perspective projection, posted on the Billboard Lena) this exercise program is inspired by the laowai blog, I feel very interesting, try it. He is using OpenCV, I used MATLAB. Perspective projection has written in the past, it was used to make slant correction, this time als...

Image Processing Matlab

Simulation the chess example explaining chess

2015-04-12 08:31    By:ptical      View:46      Download:0

The size of a chess program (this size is no GUI version 0.95 c # console application) only 57 KB. There are two versions: one without GUI (c # console application) and a GUI (c # Windows application). Previous versions include the c + +, Visual Basic, and based on the XNA version (they keep to vers...

Algorithm C++

check keyyboard and mouse idle

2014-11-24 23:09    By:jerwin      View:1736      Download:0

delphi program use window api to check keyyboard and mouse idle...

GUI Delphi

Kernel Porting for S5PV210 Chip: Linux Kernel Input Subsystem

2015-04-12 05:17    By:embbnux      View:182056      Download:0

Tiny210v2 board has 8 keys, but no input subsystem is available. The provider only offers drivers for these buttons, thus making buttons of no real function. You may add the input subsystem to the Kernel to give the buttons the functions of a normal keyboard with key value, left,right, up, down and...

Arm C

C#2008 chess board

2014-12-03 01:35    By:hoholiday      View:32      Download:0

With a graphical interface, function go software is a complete c #                                   ...

开源软件 C#


2015-02-05 07:57    By:hhhhhsss123      View:30      Download:0

newguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguys newguysnewguysnewguys newguysnewguysnewguys newguysnewguysnewguys newguysnewguysnewguys newguysnewguysnewguys...

Java Development Java

chess example

2014-12-04 03:01    By:Maksat      View:12      Download:0

chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. It is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide at home, in clubs, online, by corres...

Algorithm ASP/ASPX

chess program

2014-12-08 08:52    By:Maksat      View:23      Download:0

chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. It is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide at home, in clubs, online, by corres...

Web Framework ASP/ASPX

chess game application

2014-12-14 08:50    By:Maksat      View:27      Download:0

Xiangqi II: Xiangqi(Chinese chess) is the most popular board game in China. Now the best Flash Xiangqi game ever is coming. you can play with the strong AI, improve your skill by practicing the end-games. ...

Web Framework ASP/ASPX

game chess china for client

2014-12-18 10:23    By:horizonlight      View:10      Download:0

Xiangqi (Chinese: 象棋, p Xiàngqí), sometimes called Chinese chess, is a strategy board game for two players. It is one of the most popular board games in China, and is in the same family as "Western" (or "international") chess, chaturanga, ...

J2me Development Java

Chinese chess

2015-03-26 03:26    By:jonnyhuan      View:8      Download:0

Source code for a Chinese chess game with GUI implemented by MFC, a simple AI algorithm is used in this program. ...


Standard soft keyboard assembly program

2015-02-04 05:05    By:red0311      View:59      Download:0

VC ++ is a standard soft keyboard assembly program, the interface is a direct form of a full keyboard....


Keyboard Test

2015-01-16 08:42    By:liujiemx      View:52      Download:0

Each key of the keyboard is detected, when the compile and run this program, your mouse and keyboard actions will be monitored, whether you press any key on the keyboard, it will be displayed in the window, a nice key detection program , VC ++ Source code is available vc ++ ...... compilation, compl...

software C++

Android Dashboard Design

2015-01-21 07:21    By:smit      View:6098      Download:0

THis is and roid Dash board Design in this example so you have show on that in this applciation  ,this is mobile application...

Android Others

Qt soft keyboard

2015-04-17 07:03    By:keven      View:134      Download:1

Based on Qt soft keyboard, can be transplanted to the embedded platform! Realize Chinese input!...

Embeded C++

Site message board

2015-03-22 09:41    By:nidaye      View:111      Download:0

Website required a module, a message board module development. Database. Very nice layout. The code is simple, functional and taste. ASP.NET compiled together. Full compile....

Web Framework ASP/ASPX

Example 291--called keyboard hook DLL, realize keyboard operation of surveillance systems

2015-02-28 02:50    By:kiva      View:237      Download:0

Call the keyboard hook DLL and keyboard operation for surveillance systems....

Windows C++

stm32f4 - Basic support for developing with the STM32F4 Discovery board

2015-03-30 11:19    By:gregkam      View:4264      Download:0

stm32f4 - Basic support for developing with the STM32F4 Discovery board Copy to Set TOOLCHAIN to the prefix for your arm cortex-m4 toolchain Set FREERTOS_PATH to the path to your FreeRTOS source Type make Kit Ex...

Embeded C

VB chess game

2015-03-10 05:39    By:mario-gomez      View:18      Download:0

Elegant and easy to use chess game, VB programming, suitable for beginners to learn...

Game VB

The Chinese chess programming

2015-03-23 05:02    By:real999      View:17      Download:0

The Chinese chess source code is for user first to learning VC ++. ...

CSharp C++

Chinese chess source code (C++)

2015-03-23 04:53    By:hubert      View:65      Download:1

Chinese chess source code (C++), you can play chess, all programs, and pictures were last time, just like we play Chinese chess online...

Windows C++

chess Studios

2014-11-23 10:28    By:Amstrong      View:19      Download:0

chess studio source code from the Internet to find, written in Delphi, the algorithm is very good, we can learn...

GUI Delphi


2014-12-02 04:06    By:johndown      View:10      Download:0

A chess code on c, for can play, but theres no rules, or probably rules are from chekers...

Other C

Java LAN version of Chinese chess

2015-03-19 23:41    By:sweetbear      View:59      Download:0

The project includes client and server, the client can be linked via ip address to the server, enabling two clients chess battle!...

Java Development Java


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