jMetal about Multi-Objectives problems

2015-04-15 03:53    By:Liz_raflesia      View:9      Download:0

This code is by jMetal about multi-objectives problems. Contents codes of SPEA2, PSO, MOPSO , and others. The code is really organized. ...

Java Development Java

Computer program solving SVF problems with increasing discharge

2014-11-27 08:31    By:asad      View:30      Download:0

thise code can Computer Water level profile for SVF problems with increasing discharge & Calculating the water level profile for subcritical sections...

Matlab Matlab

Total Variation Image Denoising and Deblurring problems

2015-04-04 22:22    By:tvstvs      View:82      Download:4

Fast Gradient-Based Algorithms for Constrained Total Variation Image Denoising and Deblurring problems" This program implements FISTA for solving the linear inverse problem with  the total variation regularizer and either reflexive, periodic or zero boundary conditions. The blurring opera...

Matlab Matlab

Quasi-Newton method for solving optimization problems

2015-04-09 10:19    By:njwhat      View:155      Download:1

Quasi-Newton method is an important method for solving optimization problems, based on the Matlab platform, using quasi-Newton method for unconstrained optimization least value. Results showed that the quasi-Newton method can more accurately calculate the minimum value of the function....

Matlab Matlab

Genetic algorithm for solving TSP problems

2015-04-08 05:48    By:qixianyu      View:44      Download:0

In 31 cities, with genetic algorithm for solving TSP problems, gives the source program. You can run! Genetic algorithm is to mimic biological evolution and natural selection mechanisms, simulation of bio-genetic and evolutionary processes in the environment to form an adaptive search algorithm...

Algorithm C

Active set method for solving quadratic programming problems

2015-03-27 11:38    By:panwubin470      View:26      Download:0

Written in MATLAB active set method for solving quadratic programming problems with test data, you can directly run code is explained in the General governing non-constrained quadratic programming problems can be resolved...

Matlab Matlab

PSO algorithm for solving function optimization problems

2015-04-16 04:24    By:panpan      View:94      Download:3

PSO algorithm for function optimization problem PSO algorithm for function optimization problem PSO algorithm for function optimization problem PSO algorithm for function optimization problem PSO algorithm for function optimization problem PSO algorithm for function optimization problem PSO algorith...

Matlab Matlab

Hybrid approach for handling the multi class problems ECOC combine with Adaboost

2015-02-05 04:18    By:sassi      View:9      Download:0

To resolve the multi-class problems ECOC combine with Adaboost prouve their robustness to deal with these problems.As coding Matrix M*N define, were M is the number of classes, and N is the number of weak classifiers. each row represent a codeword for the class.  the matrix is encoding with One...

Matlab Matlab

Using Matlab genetic algorithm Toolbox for solving constrained optimization problems

2015-04-13 00:37    By:dumeng313      View:145      Download:1

Using Matlab genetic algorithm Toolbox for solving constrained optimization problems The objective function simple_fitness.m Constrained boundary condition function simple_constraint.m Main program main.m...

Matlab Matlab


2015-01-20 01:39    By:jakeer      View:29      Download:0


Matlab Matlab

MATLAB solve 5 kinds of business problems (Mtsp) program

2015-04-16 23:13    By:xcf020825      View:172      Download:8

Using genetic algorithms to solve based on MATLAB 5 multiple business problems (MTSP) code is divided into the following categories: 1. from a different starting point back to the starting point (traveling salesman a fixed amount) 2. from a different starting point back to the start (t...

Matlab Matlab

Simulated annealing algorithm for solving TSP problems Java source code

2015-02-21 05:30    By:xiangxiang2014      View:55      Download:0

Realization of simulated annealing algorithm in the source of four operators, and respectively insert, swaps, reversing, and mixed to create a new structure in the field, took probability first, nearest the greedy strategy, and can be applied to symmetric and asymmetric TSP problem code is of high q...

Algorithm Java

Computer Algorithm Design Joseph circulation problems

2015-01-17 23:17    By:joker      View:39      Download:1

Computer algorithm design code, Joseph cycle, with VC compiler can perform on a computer beside the code have my comments...

算法设计 C++

Extreme learning machine in study on application of regression and classification problems--comparison

2015-04-17 15:21    By:njwhat      View:37      Download:0

Single hidden-layer feedforward neural networks (Single-hidden Layer Feedforward Neural Network,SLFN) for its excellent ability to learn has been widely applied in many fields. However, the conventional learning algorithms (such as BP algorithm and so on) some inherent disadvantages become the bottl...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB data fitting problems

2015-04-09 21:51    By:njwhat      View:190      Download:1

Introduces the application of Matlab in the data fitting, expounded on the basic principles of curve fitting and polynomial curve-fitting model for MATLAB implementation method and curve fitting are given examples of experiments show that fitting with MATLAB is viable and effective....

Matlab Matlab

Genetic algorithm for solving TSP problems

2015-01-19 15:37    By:quanyuhuan      View:9      Download:0

Application written using MATLAB genetic algorithm for TSP problem, for starters have more help!...

Matlab Matlab

Differential equations with boundary value problems

2015-02-06 06:30    By:harman123      View:31      Download:0

Euler method, modified Euler method and four bands Longgekutafa solution 初 Value problem Numerical solution of differential equations course design topics with the Euler method, modified Euler method and four bands Longgekuta, Runge-Kutta (Runge-Kutta) method is a widely used in engineering of s...

Matlab Matlab

Forward difference scheme for two-dimensional heat transfer problems MATLAB program

2015-02-26 14:12    By:慕容修      View:67      Download:0

In a forward-difference method to solve two-dimensional heat transfer problem of MATLAB programs, initial conditions: 100*100 thermal flat plate, left the heat source temperature is 100 ° c, the upper and lower sides of 50 ° c, flat initial temperature of 30 ° c Forward differencing m...

Matlab Matlab

EFG2D-hole, problems of circular plate with hole EFG process, MATLAB

2015-01-13 20:06    By:cui403      View:14      Download:0

Process for the use of MATLAB to write a perforated circular plates of the EFG program, this is the standard example of a learning and validation algorithm, given to control grid density of mesh generation procedures, numerical algorithms for learning programs...

Algorithm Matlab

java code for function optimization problems using a variant of genetic algorithm

2014-12-31 09:25    By:phamhang210      View:13      Download:0

java code for function optimization problems using a variant of genetic algorithm...

Java Development Java

Simulated Annealing Continous problems

2015-04-05 19:18    By:osed      View:9      Download:0

Solution to continous problem. The minimum of rastrigin's function is achieved by Simulated Annealing problem.This is the Matlab code where you can insert your own function....

Matlab Matlab

Operating system problems of synchronization and mutual exclusion across the bridge

2014-12-14 14:22    By:Change      View:25      Download:1

The operating system is synchronized to exclusive issue has been a problem, as opposed to single-plank bridge is concerned, in the middle of two people and both sides can live only once a person's problem is more complex, how to achieve a greater degree of synchronization the algorithm is also more...

Algorithm C


2014-11-22 20:48    By:DoiCoDoc      View:4      Download:0

Simulate 2 data sets (1200 points each) each contains two classes of data from the 2-d Gaussians specified by the parameter sets below. Plot the data sets on 2-d plane with the two classes coded in different symbols and colors. Save the data sets....

Matlab Matlab

Solving programming problems with MATLAB source code

2015-04-10 05:05    By:summer1995      View:44      Download:0

In linear programming, linear programming and integer programming source code package contains MATLAB standard form of linear programming, nonlinear programming with MATLAB solutions...

Matlab Matlab


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