P2P chat software (full source code) delphi, imitation QQ, similar to Ali Wong

2 hours ago    By:tkggsss      View:444      Download:7

P2P chat software delphi all the source code, without encryption, complete components, debugging is very simple and convenient! Send a message online or offline, and can customize the message font, color, size and other information, support insert emoticons, screen capture. Support multiplayer dialo...

chat Delphi

chatRoom chat program

2015-03-10 13:53    By:flyheart      View:92      Download:1

An MFC-based chat program, simultaneous two-way communication; an MFC-based chat program, simultaneous two-way communication;...

chat Visual C++

TComPort componente para delphi

2015-03-28 11:53    By:SANDRO      View:481      Download:0

Componente para comunicacao serial assincrono para delphi 7 - xe utilizando winapi, com thread, pego da pagina sourceforge.net, e colocado aqui para obter pontos....

Delphi Development Delphi

delphi achieve access to the local machine name, IP, and the network card MAC address

2015-03-28 11:49    By:lizhaojia5      View:2038      Download:2

delphi achieve access to the local machine name, IP, and the network card MAC address, in great detail, simple little programs, suitable for everybody to study the reference, what is not the perfect place, we can modify it yourself, I hope you share the best...

Delphi开发 Delphi


2015-01-06 06:48    By:acdsccg      View:84      Download:0

With VC++MFC achieved of Visual of chat tools, main with has UDP agreement and TCP agreement, is divided into client and server, through test, can in LAN in for communications, is cannot across network, hope to you useful..................................................................................

chat Visual C++

delphi Hook Lib x86/x64

2015-03-24 04:01    By:7xcode      View:239      Download:7

Universal Hook library. Support X86 and X64. Using open source BeaEngine disassemble engines. benefits of BeaEngine can be compiled with BCB into OMF format Obj, Were linked to delphi's DCU and the destination file ... does not require additional DLL....

Hook Delphi

delphi help in chm format

2015-03-12 23:55    By:brito      View:70      Download:0

This is the delphi 7 help file in chm format. Welcome to download and try. Thank you very much for your support!...

Document Delphi

delphi XE5 debugger to connect the phone via WIFI

2015-03-22 09:09    By:unihz      View:124      Download:2

delphi XE5 debugger to connect the phone via WIFI, get the phone's current IP address, WIFI relevant information, no USB cable to connect the phone...

Android Delphi

delphi7 Web application development

2015-03-24 10:47    By:luotian      View:117      Download:3

delphi7 network application development, delphi Web development described in detail, and attached the relevant sample. Help delphi classmates better drop learning delphi network program...

GUI Delphi

DUnitX for delphi D2010-XE5

2015-01-31 13:07    By:kstan1122      View:61      Download:0

DUnitX is an attempt to create a new test framework, taking ideas from DUnit, NUnit and other test frameworks. It is designed to work with delphi 2010 or later, it makes use of language/RTL features that are not available in older versions of delphi....

Test Framework Delphi

delphi calling DLL

2015-03-28 11:53    By:tsCODE      View:86      Download:2

Software development delphi 编程 delphi In the dynamic Calling DLL...

File Delphi

delphi image compression and transmission

2015-02-22 10:38    By:jkzhp@163.com      View:59      Download:0

delphi, images, compression, transmission, implemented by delphi example screen capture, image compression, image transmission, uses for everybody study, if there are deficiencies, please forgive me, after all, is a novice, hope everyone can comment! Thank you, Ah!!!...

Image Processing Delphi

delphi development Notepad

2015-03-19 17:49    By:小清奈      View:59      Download:0

delphi suitable for beginners as a reference, simple and practical! There are detailed notes! Explain in detail the process of delphi development notepad with design methods and implementation, can save text, arbitrarily change the font, color....

Windows Delphi

GOF design patterns Lexi text editor in the delphi implementation

2015-03-22 14:34    By:瑞瑞      View:72      Download:0

Lexi in the delphi implementation of the GOF design patterns text editor...

设计模式 Delphi

delphi source image format conversion

2015-01-15 03:35    By:木白石      View:62      Download:0

Code written in delphi, to achieve bmp,jpg,ICO,WMF conversion of image formats, such as...

Image Editing Delphi

delphi's Base64 encryption and decryption

2015-03-23 21:20    By:18005321790      View:41      Download:0

Indy components in the use of encryption string encryption support Chinese characters, not garbled. Has been tested on delphi2010, encrypted string can be guaranteed to be java through Base64 decryption....

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms Delphi

Graduation design of delphi image processing

2015-01-19 03:06    By:tongdutech      View:47      Download:1

This software reference adobe Company photoshop Parts of the image processing functions, mainly using matrix operations in preparing the result code, and averages , Methods such as value difference. This software is for pf24bit bitmaps, each pixel contains 3 bytes of principle on its 3- byte math im...

Image Processing Delphi

delphi ADO Programmer's reference

2014-12-18 17:35    By:我笑不是我快乐      View:38      Download:0

This is a delphi developed by ADO help manual, which covers all the controls and their properties and methods, such as ADO, in great detail....

参考 Delphi

PCSC delphi sample code

2015-03-10 03:03    By:yangtzuyi      View:97      Download:0

PCSC delphi sample code source code, helping you connect to smart card, and the information you need Code streamlining to understand, used for entry of Also hopes to talk with a lot of source code...

GUI Delphi

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