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2014-12-16 07:43    By:alihababi      View:79      Download:0

LeaGueEngine.v2.3.4This theme or plugin is comprised of two parts.(1) the PHP code and integrated HTML are licensed under the General PublicLicense (GPL). You will find a copy of the GPL in the same directory as thistext file.(2) All other parts, but not limited to the CSS code, images, and design a...

Web Framework PHP

DHT11 temperature and humidity module acquiring temperature, humidity

2015-03-29 10:38    By:szy494468597      View:238      Download:0

MCU adopted C8051F310, as an acquisition node, DHT11 temperature, humidity, temperature and humidity module acquisition PC (polling) sent via RS485 bus acquisition command....

Embeded C

mega48pa + RFID + lcd nokia3110

2015-03-12 22:23    By:ilord      View:95      Download:3

Read information from RFID Mifare Classic 1K card. Show it on LCD Nokia 3110. Using Atmel AVR mega48pa...

Embeded C

STM32 SPI connect with Nokia 5110 3110 LCD

2015-03-20 16:51    By:starlyc      View:232      Download:0

Stm32f407 stm32f4 discoverary Nokia 5110 3110 spi2 connection LCD Development Board, shows the text  display....

arm C

D3D11 2D image display code

2015-02-02 05:22    By:lph      View:41      Download:1

D3D11 2D image display code, MFC, above the corresponding platform for Vista, you cannot use on WinXP....

Windows C++

24x116 LED matrix display

2015-03-28 10:37    By:HariKrish      View:165      Download:1

24x116 dotmatrix display program based on ATMEGA32 and a series connection of multiple 8x8 dot matrix displays in Proteus. Attached is the file with complete  source code and the simulation setup....

Embeded C

DE2-115 BCD 3 digit counter

3 hours ago    By:beccanm      View:82      Download:1

In this program we use the DE2-115 board to scroll HELLO on the display each time a key is pressed by shifting it on the left. The architecture uses a pipeline and a multiplexer ...

vhdl VHDL

Terminal IAR LPC1114

2015-01-29 00:34    By:borjali      View:35      Download:0

terminal program to building terminal via UART and making own menu program for its. device is lpc1114 and environment is IAR...

Embeded C

Wget-1.11.4.rar source code

2014-12-01 01:33    By:怀宇      View:10      Download:0

Wget-1.11.4 support downloads, support for FTP and HTTP downloads, support batch download and selective downloads, code streamlined and easy...

Linux programming C

Freertos lpc1114

2015-03-05 07:30    By:ajaymp08      View:58      Download:0

Source code of Demo Application running in lpcxpresso IDE for Cortex M0 - lpc1114 Board Good for a starter to start with this demo Application of Freertos .  All the source codes provided by Richard barry can be run using this lpcxpresso demo project...

Embeded C

G711 decoding procedures

2015-03-30 03:46    By:snowsound      View:94      Download:2

This source code is G711 decoder. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

Communication C++

Matrix keyboard control display 5110LCD

2015-01-11 09:50    By:Howard_725      View:2150      Download:0

Using the determinant of matrix keyboard input, digital display in Nokia5110 on the LCD display. Keyboard input by touch-the French reversal to confirm which button was pressed. Nokia5110 is very easy and reliable...

单片机 C

PKCS#11 documents

2015-02-10 09:26    By:1257555951@qq.com      View:26      Download:2

PKCS#11 encryption library interface for Chinese documents, hope useful to everybody, thank you. Usbkey is implemented actions, generate key pairs, written certificate and key related sample code....

Driver Development C++

Linux0.11 kernel parsing

2014-12-10 11:26    By:rongqian123      View:15      Download:0

This code includes the installation of Boch, linux0.11 kernel code to compile, simulate a floppy disk. Boch program is installed first, and then load the linux0.11 and floppy disks. Boch is a very good system debugging tool. Many people have awe of Linux, but in looking at the source code with Boch...

Embeded C

DHT11 and 89S52

2015-03-27 10:40    By:as5564      View:148      Download:1

Using 89S52 to interface with DHT11 sensor. You can measure temperature and humidity...

Embeded C

G711a+h264 package for MP4

2015-03-24 21:07    By:skdkjzz      View:258      Download:10

1, g711a extracted audio files converted to PCM 2, from PCM to AAC 3, AAC, H264 to MP4 4, the use of the c language 5, code efficiency better 6, there is no memory leak Tested on i386 Linux well, and can be easily ported to arm platform...

Linux programming C

C51 WS2811 source code

2015-03-30 04:18    By:cmled      View:55      Download:4

Useful ws2811 control source code, project files, 89C52 22MHz, help a lot to the beginner who just entering SCM industry . ...

Driver Development C

Realization of hitS

2015-03-18 09:03    By:317411971      View:647      Download:1

A MATLAB program to compute the hitS authority and hub vectors of the above web graph. Print out a copy of program and use the diary feature of MATLAB to record the work for submission....

Matlab Matlab
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