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Make Your own browser in c#

2015-05-31 08:40    By:khokon      View:12      Download:0

This is c# project for you to build a web browser like IE. You can re-build or develop it  with this source code like a professional developer. But this is not enough  for me . I will develop it so many option add. Welcome to my world with Stay-tune...

Windows C#

Beginning DirectX 9 (Game Development Series) by Wendy Jones

2015-09-13 00:54    By:troithukiniem      View:140      Download:1

There exists a gap in the game programming market where beginning programmers are finding themselves without an introductory guide. Existing books focus on the 3D component of DirectX only, leaving readers without a complete understanding of DirectX. In order to fully understand DirectX and the game...

DirectX C++

TraceRoute for XE7

2015-07-08 22:23    By:aaron596688      View:45      Download:2

DDU ICMP controls consist of 3 controls : TDDUOSPING - A non blocking PING protocolTDDUOSTRACEROUTE - A non blocking TraceRoute ProtocolTDDUOSDNS - A non blocking ARP/RARP controlAbout TDDUOSDNS :Host names are resolved to IP addresses, and IP address can be resolved to host names. If you enter an I...

WinSock Delphi

C#+ EmguCV SURF algorithm implementation

2015-11-18 11:20    By:smiling      View:112      Download:4

EmguCV, official Site of example, SURF algorithm implementation and its implementation using GPU acceleration, looking at more complex. In addition, the webSite examples of interface implementation does not do, looking uncomfortable, load the picture is also not very convenient, so, in order to lear...

Image Processing C#

Serial port debugger which can realize sending and receiving ASCII code

2015-03-10 02:53    By:loafer      View:58      Download:1

Successfully implement serial communications testing and portability to other c # project, the program implemented by the c sharp controls not! Is achieved by building their own class files! Is quite convenient to transplantation may increase in 16-to send and receive on Your own, the program code h...

Communication C#

Opc development

2015-11-29 04:03    By:sffyjui555      View:69      Download:3

Implemented in a C++BUILDER environment or Visual C++ OPC client applications, first of all, must be downloaded from the official webSite of the OPC Foundation OPC file ("opcda_i.c", "opcda.h", "opccomn_i.c", "opccomn.h"), and Visual C++ projects in the "Tool" → "Options" → "Directories" load he...


C + + clock program

2015-09-14 22:57      View:4      Download:0

ppWizard has created this Test13_4 application for you.  This applicationnot only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classesbut is also a starting point for writing Your application.This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files thatmake up Your T...

Button control C++

Modbus TCP Clien

2015-10-06 03:39    By:qq95788      View:76      Download:0

======================================================================== MICROSOFT FOUNDATION CLASS LIBRARY : ModbusClient ======================================================================== AppWizard has created this ModbusClient application for you. This application not only demons...

Communication C++


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