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digital clock

2015-06-01 10:53    By:mouly      View:99      Download:1

Here by we add digitalclock using PIC microcontroller , PIC 16f877a based digitalclock code along with gerber files,pcb ,simulation are uploaded . by using this digital timer we can send set any time and data format...

Embeded C

digital clock in visualc#

2015-10-01 17:02    By:lizard93      View:33      Download:0

It is a simple digital clock with alarm. it has a menu where you can take the time from your computer or to set it yourself.  You can set the alarm and take the music from your computer....

Other C#


2015-11-18 21:26    By:michaeljohnson789      View:55      Download:0

Analogclock is a classic clock containing hour, minute, and second hands, with a circle of tick marks showing minutes and hours. A single solution contains versions for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone....

Windows C#

PIC16F877 Controllable digital clock Code

2015-11-05 03:13    By:chandan      View:174      Download:0

The above figure was taken after setting time to 07:58:54, timer0 is used as the base for digital clock generation. Timer0 is used here to generate 1msec interrupts. After every 1msec a global variable named msCounter increments. When msCounter reaches a value of 1000 then anothe...

Embeded C

digital clock of MSP430

2015-06-15 20:48    By:麦田晨风      View:36      Download:0

Collector's Edition of the c code for MSP430 digital clock...

CSharp C

Single-chip computer digital clocks example

2015-04-02 03:45    By:faith_sys      View:33      Download:0

Based on 51 series single-chip digital clock program, code clarity and clear, open minded, have stronger representation, suitable for most users who started 51 series single chip microcomputer...

单片机 C


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