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framebuffer display /dev/fb0

FrameBuffer device also provides some IOCTL commands, by these commands, you can obtain fixed information display device (for example, display memory size), the relevant variable message display mode (resolution, pixel structure, each scan line bytes wide), as well as pseudocolor mode palette inform...

Kernel Porting for S5PV210 Chip: Linux Kernel Input Subsystem

Tiny210v2 board has 8 keys, but no input subsystem is available. The provider only offers drivers for these buttons, thus making buttons of no real function. You may add the input subsystem to the Kernel to give the buttons the functions of a normal keyboard with key value, left,right, up, down and...

check keyyboard and mouse idle

delphi program use window api to check keyyboard and mouse idle...

Keyboard Test

Each key of the keyboard is detected, when the compile and run this program, your mouse and keyboard actions will be monitored, whether you press any key on the keyboard, it will be displayed in the window, a nice key detection program , VC ++ Source code is available vc ++ ...... compilation, compl...

QXL driver source code, including both miniport and display parts

QXL source packages and Windows QXL driver, including the miniport and display components. Can run directly using the Windows SDK. Generated files include the qxldd.dll and QXL.sys files....

Qdisplay Qt Widget

Very simple widget to display numbers in seven segment or nixie style. The created display is built with real images and not with synthetic images, in my opinion, this enhances the perception of the display itself. The display format is specified with a string like ####.## but also string...

Perspective projection, posted on Billboard Lena

MATLAB training program (perspective projection, posted on the Billboard Lena) this exercise program is inspired by the laowai blog, I feel very interesting, try it. He is using OpenCV, I used MATLAB. Perspective projection has written in the past, it was used to make slant correction, this time als...

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