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double Linked List Controller

This is simple console Pascal program created with Lasarus. It provides functions and procedures for creating and managin double linked lists. With this program it's possible to create empty list and then manage this list: you can know is your list empty or not, what is current element, yo...

diffusion Equation Matlab

There are two examples to solve diffusion equation in Matlab. One example is for one dimensional diffusion equation and the other example is for two dimensional equation. The animations of the diffusion processes in one dimensional and two dimensional cases are plotted and displayed during calc...

double Pendulum Animation

Run the program by typing doublePendulumAnimation at the Matlab prompt. Make sure that your current directory in Matlab is set to the directory containing doublePendulumAnimation.m. To run the animation with the default parameters, simply click the Begin button to start the animation. You can experi...

The number of packets generated Poisson distribution with the exponential distribution of packet length generator

Self wrote small program, including communication systems FIFO queue of the program,  and the number of packets generated Poisson distribution with the exponential distribution  of packet length generator, absolutely practical!...

double the number of complex wavelet

double the number of complex wavelet transform and image denoising...

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