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jscolor=red>draw2DX Alpha 1_0_6

2015-03-25 20:15    By:my_flash      View:30      Download:0

Jscolor=red>draw2D is the first product of jsFiction company, they plan to create a variety of revolutionary JavaScript libraries and applications to help JavaScript developers, Web developers, Web owners extend the connotation and features of JavaScript. Jscolor=red>draw2D include basic shapes (for example, pol...

Image Processing Java

Hcolor=red>draw (written in MFC-based paint)

2015-03-25 20:04    By:本因坊      View:44      Download:0

============================================================ v3.0 color=red>draw straight lines, rectangles, ============================================================ v2.8-2.9 All functions, including selecting all, drag, see document Hcolor=red>draw2.9.doc =============================================...

Graph C++

color ListCtrl Report List

2015-03-03 02:13    By:sunqition      View:19      Download:1

Using CListCtrl control process, we will find easy to use and do not, especially in the use of "report" display mode, and want to add a background color to the specified entry, CListCtrl control sets the color functions can only be provided by the control's interface look good, does not meet our req...

Windows Visual C++


2014-12-22 06:59    By:liuzhonghuacd      View:18      Download:0

colorStatistics can count the number of colors in the image, and the percentage, for image analysis makes sense. And the speed is very fast, more than 700 images of a few more milliseconds....

Algorithm C#

Getcolor Tool

2014-11-19 20:15    By:redfoxxxx      View:17      Download:0

Style color color code picked up the desktop interface for cloning people can obtain the RGB color values, program used to color=red>draw your own interface...


color autoCorrelogram

2015-02-24 02:17    By:yujintong      View:34      Download:0

The MATLAB code to generate auto correlogram vector of image.This is an important part in CIBR system.Auto correlogram can confront some color=red>drawbacks in histogram....

Matlab Matlab

Classification_colormap_pauli_C3,SAR images used for decomposition of pauliRGB display

2015-01-21 05:37    By:zwxzz      View:1160      Download:2

Classification_colormap_pauli_C3,SAR images used for decomposition of pauliRGB display. After decomposition of polarimetric Imaging PauliRGB, the resulting three-component, encodes the tinted, collectively known as PauliRGB images....

Image Processing C++

a mechanism of transparently invoking objective-C ViewControllers from Javascript running within a UIWebView

2015-02-04 22:26    By:shahdhiren      View:43      Download:0

KPWebViewInterceptor - a mechanism of transparently invoking objective-C ViewControllers from Javascript running within a UIWebView.A mechanism of transparently invoking objective-C ViewControllers from Javascript running within a UIWebView.KPWebViewInterceptor is a class that sits between your UIWe...

iOS Objective-C

find Threshold by movingAVG filter

2014-12-10 00:07    By:amin      View:10      Download:0

this method used for finding best Threshold In Image with moving avrage filter  this method used in image processing and used for shading soloution code and result are attached in the folder that you used and seen this result tanks for yours site amin tolou &nb...

Matlab Matlab

China vector map shshape format for the secondary development of GIS maps, map of secondary development such as Mapobjects,MapX ~

2015-03-28 02:54    By:acup0fcoffee      View:793      Download:0

China vector map shshape format for the secondary development of GIS maps, map of secondary development such as Mapobjects,MapX ~...

GIS Visual C++

Happinese object-c iOS

2015-01-28 20:53    By:JaminZhou      View:24      Download:0

Happinese object-c iOS smiley face Stanford...

iOS Objective-C


2015-02-11 03:52    By:skpaopao      View:18      Download:0

CLHaarcolorImageFeature CLHaarcolorImageFeature CLHaarcolorImageFeature CLHaarcolorImageFeature Source package CLHaarcolorImageFeature CLHaarcolorImageFeature source code package CLHaarcolorImageFeature source packages...

OpenGL C++

Version Computational_color_Science.toolbox.e2

2015-03-09 10:38    By:wgy      View:24      Download:0

It is published by John Wiley <Computational Colour Science using MATLAB,e2 version > code that came with the textbook program, self-contained chromaticity under Matlab toolbox. Recommended that you extract the files to the local machine has been installed in the Matlab path, ToolBook under fo...

Matlab Matlab


2014-11-20 13:31    By:glorifygod      View:26      Download:0

The. NET ListView component for the improvement and upgrading of new components with automatic sorting, grouping, display, cell editing, data binding, and features such as column resizing...

CSharp C#

multobjective function

2014-12-06 09:49    By:elderfenili      View:15      Download:0

This is a program to you use goal attainment, goal programming, sum weighted and epsilon-constraints multiobjective problems zdt and dtlz....

Matlab Matlab


2015-02-26 07:56    By:lavanya      View:48      Download:0

close all; clear all clc; I = imread('lavender.jpg'); imshow(I),figure I = im2double(I); [index,map] = rgb2ind(I); pixels = prod(size(index)); hsv = rgb2hsv(map); h = hsv(:,1); s = hsv(:,2); v = hsv(:,3); %Finds location of black and white pixels darks = find(v < .2)'; lights = find...

Matlab Matlab

moving t-Test Technique

2014-10-12 09:32    By:ximenniu      View:4      Download:0

Variability diagnosis of time sequence, trend analysis...

Other C++

color=red>draw boundaries of labeled regions in an image

2015-02-22 01:25    By:smqq      View:20      Download:0

% color=red>drawREGIONBOUNDARIES color=red>draw boundaries of labeled regions in an image%% Usage: maskim = color=red>drawregionboundaries(l, im, col)%% Arguments:%            l - Labeled image of regions.%           im - Optional image to overlay the region boundaries on.%...

Matlab Matlab

MFC paint simple program

2015-03-10 01:52    By:skyxuan      View:170      Download:2

The color=red>drawing applet is a MFC single document prepared by the program in a VS2012 environment, compressed package containing programming details. Functional overview In the menu by selecting a different shape, you can to color=red>draw straight lines, rectangles, ellipses, and when the mouse is pressed...

Windows C++
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