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programing rtc with ds1302 ,8051 7-segment led display

2015-02-13 07:34    By:ntvancan      View:105      Download:1

source code for rtc using ds1302 ,at89c51 and dislaying on six  7-segment ledschematic of rtc...

Embeded ASM

51 control ds1302 clock source code program

2015-01-27 09:09    By:lfd369      View:35      Download:0

The complete program. ds1302 with 51 single-chip microcomputer to achieve clock display feature, with shows such as year month day minutes, pass the 51 microcontroller communicates with chip ds1302, read data within clock chip ds1302, again on the LCD or led that is out....

Embeded C

Clock chip ds1302 drive

2015-01-06 07:43    By:PSAM123      View:36      Download:0

美国 DALLAS introduced the low-power real-time streams fine charging current capacity The clock circuit ds1302 structure, working principle and application of real time displays the time. For years, months, days, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, Chronograph, with leap year compensation and ma...

Driver Development C

ds1302 alarm clock program, ten alarm clocks

2015-03-22 00:13    By:carry488      View:56      Download:0

ds1302 alarm clock program, ten alarm clocks, lcd1602 display programs suitable for reference...

Embeded C


2015-01-06 07:14    By:carry488      View:22      Download:0

#include<reg51.h>     //包含单片机寄存器的头文件 #include<intrins.h>   //包含_nop_()函数定义的头文件 unsigned char code digit[10]={"0123456789"};   //定义字符数组显示数字 sbit SCLK=P2^5;   //位定义1302芯片的接口,时钟...

Embeded C

dspic30f2010 to ds1820

2015-03-12 07:29    By:ssssmai      View:12      Download:0

Using dspic30f2010 and ds1820 for temperature controlThis project uses  to control Fan for Air Flow in Control room with out Air Condition ...

CSharp C

LCD1602 LCD ds1302 real-time clock

2015-03-07 00:45    By:zhangjian      View:13      Download:0

ds1302 is a high-performance, low-power real-time clock chip with RAM, with leap year function, the maximum effective year of up to 2,100, when you run this example procedure, the current time will appear on the LCD1602...

Embeded C

SCM Calendar

2015-01-19 20:44    By:上善若水      View:21      Download:0

Based on 51 single-chip platform, ds1302 to display the calendar, you can press to set clock. This program, written in c, and is relatively simple, beginner familiar with microcontroller programming-only basic formatting....

Embeded C

Clock chip based on 51 SCM

2015-01-19 20:44    By:cc电子人生      View:15      Download:0

This routine is based on the STC51 series of single-chip microcomputer's driver, driving the clock chip ds1302, 1602 LCD display available day of week time hours minutes seconds, and other information, quite useful! For reference only learning practical!...

Driver Development C

Absolutely beautiful calendar, 12864+ ds1302+ Ds18B20, in support of the Gregori...

2015-01-11 13:28    By:xuanyuan      View:10      Download:0

Absolutely beautiful calendar, 12864+ ds1302+ Ds18B20, in support of the Gregorian calendar, the Lunar and temperature. Very wide, very delicate....


It was mainly used the C51 microcontroller,ds1302,and DS18B20,etc in proteus...

2010-12-28 16:58    By:tiancheng      View:3      Download:0

It was mainly used the C51 microcontroller,ds1302,and DS18B20,etc in proteus, which had a temperature display of the calendar....


ds1820+ 1620 precision liquid display time, temperature...

2014-11-20 06:06    By:op123      View:7      Download:0

ds1820+ 1620 precision liquid display time, temperature...


ds1302+ DS18B20+ LCD1602 system in 51 real

2014-11-24 00:31    By:danny      View:16      Download:0

ds1302+ DS18B20+ LCD1602 system in 51 real-time clock...

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