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ds1307 rtc using 8051 by I2C protocol

2015-11-25 06:44    By:pavan kumar      View:199      Download:4

This project shows how to get date and time from rtc ds1307 and print it on the LCD.This project will help full to get exact values of date and time even though the power is off.Because the rtc have its own internal power supply to preserve the time and date....

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Interrupts using 8051 keil Vision, Atmel 89C52

2015-11-07 04:25    By:tsizzle      View:128      Download:0

//This code is written to blink the #1, #3, #5, and #7 LEDs every 200 ms using timer 0 //In addition, the code uses the FIRST TWO seven segment displays to cycle from 0 to 60 using timer 1 #include <reg52.h> sbit led1 = P1^0; sbit led3 = P1^2; sbit led5 = P1^4; sbit le...

Keil Vision C


2015-08-25 02:20    By:lakku      View:52      Download:0

rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051 rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051 rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROGRAM FOR 8051rtc PROG...

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programing rtc with ds1302 ,8051 7-segment led display

2015-11-16 13:07    By:ntvancan      View:117      Download:1

source code for rtc using ds1302 ,at89c51 and dislaying on six  7-segment ledschematic of rtc...

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gas leak alarm using 8051

2015-11-07 04:25    By:karthikdm      View:30      Download:0

gas leak alarm using 8051...

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keil Vision, Atmel 89C52, 7 Segment Display

2015-09-20 21:30    By:tsizzle      View:79      Download:0

#include <reg52.h> unsigned int i,j; sbit LE1 = P2^6; sbit LE2 = P2^7; void delay(void); void delay()  ///Set up time delay function { for(i=200; i>0; i--) for(j=100; j>0; j--); } void main() { while (1) { LE2 = 1; P0 = 0xC0;   // Set al...

8051 Keil Vision C

C8051F320 code to control FLASH by SPI interface

2015-08-13 09:19    By:luckywang1103      View:37      Download:0

C8051F320 MCU with SPI interface to control SPI Flash,the flash is MX25L512. in this code,function are read or write page,write enable,write disable,read ID,write status,read status,etc...

keil C

8051 Controlled LM34D Thermometer with LCD Output Using Assembly

2015-08-20 09:38    By:milleraj      View:360      Download:1

I chose to use the 8051 microcontroller trainer board with an onboard LM34D temperature sensor and onboard 0804 ADC converter to then write code with hopes of creating a thermometer. This thermometer would then output the temperature to the 7-segment displays on the board, the serial port for co...

8051 ASM


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