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dsp Software Development Techniques for Embedded and Real

dsp Software Development Techniques for Embedded and Real-Time Systems...


dsp-based network TCP/IP protocol, the paper through the TCP/IP protocol specific analysis to solve a digital signal processor (dsp) as the core dsp LAN side IP address problem, the realization of the dsp and PC machine UDP protocol communication between...

dsp control of stepper motor

dsp-controlled stepper motors using dsp control stepper motor pole to the study of step motor control reference...

dsp recognition

To TMS320C6205 for processor, design a real-time image recognition system. with SAA7111 and FPGA completed no dsp intervention of image collection and storage, through DMA achieved image transmission and dsp recognition of parallel Executive. system will triggered, and collection, and storage, and r...

dsp (TMS320F28335) + FPGA (XC3S500E) control stepper motor routines source code, schematics

Application backgrounddsp (TMS320F28335) + FPGA (XC3S500E) control stepper motor routines source code, schematicsKey TechnologyThis program is a control step motor method based on 28335, and can get good effect by myself.....

dsp digital image processing-related code

dsp code for digital image processing, including image conversion, basic image processing such as image filtering operations dsp realization...

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