12864 dsp2812 driver shows

2015-04-08 09:46    By:vnxnmd      View:49      Download:2

A LCD12864 based on dsp2812 show routine, that I use the beginning due to peripheral circuits that they built themselves, so many programs won't work online, and finally through their access to information, before finally showed success, there is Mark how to connect hardware....

dsp C

Four-element array of passive acoustic localization algorithm for dsp program

2015-04-09 20:21    By:huazai      View:50      Download:2

Analog signal through external sound source A/D7865 Collector testified that, dsp Signal processor TMS320F28335 external expansion port XINTF To write data to the data buffer, for signal detection, detect acoustic signals, interception of signal correlation process, estimating acoustic signals to mi...


Adsp-21469 test procedure

2014-11-28 05:12    By:quber      View:25      Download:0

Adsp-21469 procedures for Visual dsp test is mainly used to test the performance of DDR memory...

dsp C

Principle and application of dsp (Zhou Jianjiang) course work

2015-02-25 15:41    By:iprize      View:45      Download:2

Principle and application of dsp (Zhou Jianjiang the) course work, including Low pass FIR filter based on  time taken 8~1024 FFT program, as well as the matrix MATRIX multiplex...

dsp Visual C++

dsp realization of Turbo codes based on c-language

2015-04-03 23:16    By:lemon3      View:56      Download:1

Introduces the basic principles the decoding of Turbo codes, examining in detail on the basis of Log 2 MAP, using VC6.0 has prepared a State transition table generator program, Turbo interleaving sheets generator program and Turbo Code decoding program such as simulation of Turbo Code's most importa...

dsp C

dsp2803x eCAN Back-to-back transmission and reception in // SELF-TEST mode

2015-03-13 05:27    By:jiankewuying      View:179      Download:0

dsp2803X Ecan bus self-receiving source TI provide only configuration applet program, does not contain a library file, a detailed English description, I believe it is necessary, you can refer to the following dsp2803x eCAN Back-to-back transmission and reception in //...

dsp C

dsp28335 produces spwm program

2015-04-16 09:29    By:dspgongchengshi      View:176      Download:6

dsp28335 spwm procedures, comments and other content, based on the c language, suits the beginner  to learn, and very easy to understand...

dsp C

dsp2812-spwm program

2015-04-05 03:18    By:shooowtime      View:91      Download:0

Spwm programs based on dsp2812 EVA following universal timer T1 works in continuous increase/decrease the count mode, producing triangular carrier, carrier frequency 3000Hz, MC N=60, frequency modulation waveform sine wave to 50Hz. In this lab, modulation 0.8. Stored list of sine of phase a...

dsp C

dsp image processing, cutting an image so that shearing images to grayscale as 0

2015-03-11 23:37    By:WENER59      View:36      Download:0

dsp image processing, cutting images, shearing images to grayscale as 0. Includes video capture and output, and be able to box in grayscale as 0...

dsp C

dsp ADC using routines

2015-03-27 20:47    By:sinkeyeast      View:28      Download:0

This example configures CPU Timer0, 1, and 2 and increment a counter each time the timers assert an interrupt. ON THE OTHER SIDE, I WANT TO F*U*C8K THIS WEBsite BUILDER'S MOM, HOW DARE YOU!...

dsp C

C language programs using dsp spwm

2015-04-14 02:37    By:casperou      View:65      Download:1

Using dsp spwm c language program, simple program explanation indicate Using dsp spwm c language program, simple program explanation indicate Using dsp spwm c language program, simple program explanation indicate Using dsp spwm c language program, simple program explanation in...

dsp C

Ruitai innovation TMS3205509 dsp development source code and instructions for use

2015-04-06 04:40    By:zhanglfyu      View:103      Download:0

Beijing ruitai innovation ICETKE-5509-A Development Board all of the source code and instructions for use, CCS, JTGA emulator installation instructions USB driver, extremely has the reference value....

dsp C

TEM320 dsp280x CPU time setting

2015-01-31 10:13    By:gsmlkk      View:28      Download:0

Texas 儀 dsp CPU time of the dsp280x Setup program, have been in the standard pad 測 試 sometimes! chasing after the normal!!!...

dsp C

QAM quadrature amplitude modulation based on c language algorithms of dsp based on software simulation

2015-02-04 10:22    By:laughingsir1      View:311      Download:0

QAM quadrature amplitude modulation algorithm based on c-language software in the dsp-Quadrature amplitude modulation QAM simulation algorithm based on the c language in the dsp software simulation...

dsp C

Several asynchronous motor with dsp control program, introduction to dsp applications and application procedures

2015-04-01 07:42    By:沉默的12345       View:406      Download:0

Asymmetry rules mining method was used to generate three-phase SPWM wave in open loop speed  control program...

dsp ASM

GPIO0 light delay in dsp28335

2015-04-01 07:42    By:luckyhouc      View:29      Download:0

GPIO0 light delay in dsp28335...

dsp C

LCD display based on dsp

2015-04-07 07:09    By:x1020657361      View:12      Download:0

DC motor speed control system, IAR software can open the program, tests are available. Has been tested on the Development Board, you can just change the PIN when used in specific settings, in a Cabinet...


Davinci technologies dspC6437 image processing routines, and technical documentation

2015-04-03 23:09    By:2607020889      View:188      Download:0

Davinci technologies dspC6437 image processing routines and technical documentation, which contains the Davinci dsp series C6437 example of image processing program, and H264 decoding algorithm, image JPG compression algorithm, and the corresponding test cases, as well as provides technical document...

Image Processing C

adsp m25p16 driver

2015-04-03 05:49    By:huoqiqiang      View:72      Download:1

Adsp m25p16 driver code, I personally tested, you can download the trial. Connect the cable, Visual dsp++ Environment loaded in the drive. To download or read the information w25q16....

Driver Development C

dspACK source code

2015-04-17 08:07    By:bobo189      View:129      Download:2

dspACK source, containing package,source and development needs based on DirectShow video components...

Image Processing Delphi

dspC6748 routine

7 hours ago    By:axfmilitary      View:63      Download:3

Latest dsp6748 routine, it is all in my own boards have all been tested, no problems. Suitable for people who just started learning dsp6748 use code annotated, easy to understand. Latest dsp6748 routine, it is all in my own boards have all been tested, no problems. Suitable for people who just start...

Arm C

VLSI dsp exercises

2014-11-26 10:53    By:charantej      View:24      Download:1

The architectures present for adders and multipliers are in the verilog and are simulated in the cadence 45nm---report sheet with  code (verilog)----reference vlsidsp by parhi this is done by own charantej--9524435535...

verilog Verilog

dsp6713 ucos porting

2015-04-06 04:42    By:luojimmm      View:39      Download:0

This program using  dsp6713 chip,  transplant ucos2 operating system and programming environment is ccs3.3....

Embeded C

dsp PWM+AD convert project files

2015-03-30 21:54    By:lilianyin      View:220      Download:0

1) Using assembly language or c language simple dsp program, realization of dsp system registers, and watchdog registers, interrupt related initialization; 2) Prepare two routines ADC_init(void) and EVM_init (void), respectively the a/d converter Module registers and initializes the eve...

Embeded C

dsp28335 SCI and computer serial communication

2015-04-15 08:54    By:huangyuan      View:64      Download:0

dsp28335 serial code in a non-disruptive way, including SCI GPIO port initialization, system initialization, set the baud rate of the serial port, the last serial send function. Download codes directly into Flash running in runtime is CCS5.2....

Embeded C

dsplib and dsplink examples from TI

2015-04-15 03:56    By:louie      View:26      Download:0

this is an example from ti linux dsplink and dsplib. The exmaple contains kernel and code using dsplib. it also need cmem module to go with the examples. it is very useful if someone is not familiar with dsplink and linux kernel programming...

Linux programming C

TI dsp BIOS user manual and driver development

2015-04-06 04:15    By:maplelhf      View:42      Download:0

TI dsp BIOS user manual and driver development, BIOS manual TI the Crown, perfect programming tools for embedded system based on dsp...

Embeded C

dsp2407 fuzzy control on inverted pendulum

2015-03-30 11:51    By:kunyang      View:17      Download:0

The ring level inverted pendulum control based on dsp2407 controller using fuzzy control...

Algorithm C

dsp2812 GPIO water light

2015-04-16 01:59    By:yishan      View:30      Download:0

dsp2812 GPIO water light : F2812 scan 1x4-independent key, if the key is pressed, the corresponding flag bits plus one, record number of keys pressed. Learn the use of CCS; Master the use of header file; F2812 port; First standardized programming....

Embeded C++


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