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Winhex 15.9 SR-33 keygen

2015-02-04 01:34    By:apurahman      View:18      Download:0

Winhex 15.9 SR-33 Keygen .it woks fine. i  installon my pc,and work fine,winxp or win seven both work.tahanks a lot....

software C

Dec2hex (decimal turn hex)

2014-12-15 02:15    By:sewin_wen      View:57      Download:0

/************************************************************** 函数名:Dec2hex                                        *** Function: decimal turn hex *** Parameters: item list nodes** Return value:*...

Android C

sumador 4bits de 2 numeros hexadecimales con resultado en decimal en un display de 7 segmentos verilog

2014-12-16 09:54    By:GutierrezDeVelasco      View:339      Download:0

Electric circuit modeled in Verilog that sums 2 numbers of 4 bits hexadecimals, converts the result to decimal and displays data on a 7 segmentation.  ...

verilog Verilog

hex for pic18f

2014-12-16 16:38    By:Cyril      View:22      Download:0

OBJECTIVES: To create simple program using assembly language PIC 18 instruction set. To assemble, debug and execute program using MPLAB. Using MPLAB SIM to simulate program execution, to view register, WREG, status register, and memory content....

Embeded ASM

print in ascii the hexadecimal value of the keyboard

2014-12-08 03:19    By:roulieuh      View:301      Download:0

With a command modul and Notepad programm, we convert in this code the value of the keyboard in hex and we print it in ASCII....

Embeded C

MCU port settings 16 hexadecimal converter

2014-11-22 17:03    By:xiaoli03      View:12      Download:0

This program is using VB prepared of, main for single tablets machine development using, in single tablets machine development process in the, especially for early scholars for, often will configuration each port to control LED lamp of bright out or control digital tube of digital displayed, but oft...


VS2010 16 hexadecimal output SOCKET Services client ADO to connect to a database

2014-12-01 20:37    By:asd      View:144      Download:0

Foreign design Windows Socket thread under the customer service side, TCP/UDP choice, IP addresses optional ip4 and ip6 Join messages on its output in hexadecimal, as well as links to ADO databases VS2010 16 hexadecimal output SOCKET Services client ADO to connect to a database...

WinSock C++

16 hexadecimal numbers converted to base 10 (data on file), and sorting.

2015-01-12 11:11    By:xiaoshi      View:21      Download:0

First reading on 16 hexadecimal number in the file 16 binary number into a base 10 Sort decimal implementation after the transformed Sorting number will be written to a file...

Algorithm C++

hex interface

2014-08-27 11:11    By:啦啦      View:5      Download:0

This source code is downloaded from elsewhere, has forgotten the source, and now to upload, if you need you can download and take a look at....

Android Java

Bike speed LED display

2015-01-08 01:59    By:hscyg      View:9      Download:0

Ukraine website using PIC16F84 compiled by bike, motorcycle speedometer LED display, and Proteus anti-real. When good programs. Ukraine original series hex, hex program along with my compilation. Well, the value of learning and sharing! ASM,MAC, the original series hex. Can be fully compiled....

Assembly Language ASM

elm327 Software for Onboard Diagnostics OBD for Cars...

2015-03-17 11:14    By:firstzhang      View:137      Download:1

elm327 Software for Onboard Diagnostics OBD for Cars...

Other windows programs Others

Phex is an open source, multi

2014-11-19 06:54    By:zhizi      View:8      Download:0

Phex is an open source, multi-platform, using Gnutella client free software, You can search through it, download and share all types of files. This procedure provides a function to automatically search for new products and support through various mainframe HTTP. It LimeWire, BearShare, Morpheus, and...

P2P Java

phex_2.1.4.80 source, is a phex prepared in the use of java, based on the Gnutel...

2015-03-29 07:25    By:ganjiat      View:13      Download:0

phex_2.1.4.80 source, is a phex prepared in the use of java, based on the Gnutella p2p software agreement, the agreement does not require server nodes can be realized point-to-point connections...

P2P Java

Minihex is an open source, compact and practical hexadecimal editor....

2015-03-06 23:23    By:zhangjing      View:13      Download:0

Minihex is an open source, compact and practical hexadecimal editor....

Other windows programs Delphi

Procedures for single

2010-08-20 02:32    By:chenhu      View:2      Download:0

Procedures for single-document format will be hexadecimal string converted to hexadecimal number...

Windows Develop Visual C++
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