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frequency domain filtering

2015-08-12 03:47    By:cansu      View:20      Download:0

frequency domain filtering codes for matlab - creating the test signal -creating frequency domain filter - applieying the filter and computes a filtered signal - plotting both in time domain and frequency domain  ...

Matlab Matlab

fingerprint c++

2015-11-20 00:34    By:jclandher      View:121      Download:2

C++ source code for fingerprint recognition, it is worth reference!...

Linux programming C++

Single carrier frequency domain equalization systems MATLAB code

2015-09-28 20:07    By:prayeil      View:44      Download:2

Built a single balanced carrier platform, channel estimation for single-carrier systems, Fourier transform and Equalizer design finished coding....

Matlab Matlab

Finite-difference time-domain Computational Electromagnetics

2015-09-19 08:09    By:wanxxing      View:53      Download:1

Finite-difference time-domain method in Computational Electromagnetics has developed quite mature, this is the MATLAB simulation of electromagnetic time domain finite difference method _ (u) aixiebeili, (United States) in DeMille's source for learning Computational Electromagnetics colleagues will b...

Matlab Matlab

Matlab image enhancement filter

2015-11-18 00:48    By:a545237988      View:134      Download:2

Filter image enhancement algorithm matlab program. Given my own program code...

Matlab Matlab

fingerprint enhancement procedures -gabor filter

2015-11-23 23:03    By:qcz      View:119      Download:5

This is the 1999 article written by PAMI program for fingerprint image enhancement, using different directions gabor filter for filtering achieve!...

Matlab Matlab

Ridge frequency Matlab code

2015-11-23 20:55    By:ved      View:37      Download:1

function blk_frequency_image calculates the average distance between the ridge peaks. constructed based on the works [1], [2]  [1] S. Chikkerur. Online fingerprint Verification System, M.Sc. thesis, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2005.  [2] % L. Hong, Y. Wan and A. Jain, "Finge...

Matlab Matlab

Fuzzy image enhancement

2015-09-09 22:01    By:njwhat      View:67      Download:2

MATLAB training program (fuzzy image enhancement) algorithm has many variants. But the main work involves the following three steps. 1. Design for membership function from the image is transformed into fuzzy sets in the spatial domain domain. 2. designing fuzzy enhancement operator in fuzzy set doma...

Matlab Matlab


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