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This program implements various interpolation techniques to resize 2D matrices or Image Matrices. Methods of interpolation used are 1) Nearest Neighbour 2) Bilinear 3) Bicubic 2x2 4) Bicubic 4x4 5) Bicubic 6x6 6) Bicubic 8x8...

matrix class matrix

Using C++ language, designed a matrix class that is so easy to use, to the matrix computations, including matrices, subtracts, multiplies, inverse matrix, matrix transpose....

Mixing matrix estimation in instantaneous blind source separation

This program will estimate the single source points present in the instantaneous mixtures and using the estimated single source points the mixing matrix will be estimated. Then the error in mixing matrix estimation and the latest estimated mixing matrix will be returned. Here the hierarchical clu...

matrix admittance

this is a c++ code for admittance matrix, hopefully it could be usefull for everyone who need program how to get admittance matrix efficiently than do it manually ...

edge betweenness centrality

Hi. I need to  edge betweenness centrality algorithm in matlab. thancks....

similarity xsimilarity-master

Chinese words, and group block, and sentence and text chapter, all level of similar degrees calculation is Chinese information processing field of a items based and and core of work, it directly decided with related field of research development condition, such as, in knowledge works, and based on i...

CJudgematrix ( construction of judgement matrix in AHP)

基 AHP judgment matrix building, 实现 Step one: determine the hierarchy, policy objectives, taking into account factors (decision criteria) and decisions on the relationship between them is divided into top, middle and bottom, draw a hierarchy diagram. Top: the purpose of maki...

matrix Operation

matrix operation:given option to input matrix up to 5 by 5 in dimension. 1) Add, 2) Subtract, 3) Transpose,  4) Multiply...

Straight-line distance between the two measurements

c ++ realize the distance measurement image boundary extraction corrosion measurements between two parallel lines...

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