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Heightmap Generator using Elevation Data (Converts HGT files into PNG)

2014-12-22 09:49    By:TopperDillon      View:47      Download:0

I developed this application to convert elevation data that was gathered during the Space Shuttle Radar Topology Mission (SRTM)  and that is stored in HGT files into PNG files. These PNG files can be used in 3D-applications to generated an elevation mesh. These win...

Windows C

Qt to read excel

2015-10-24 10:02    By:ys_ren      View:161      Download:3

This is the Qt source code to read excel files, can not be used under Linux, but Windows can run normal, code execution is replicated inside a Test.xls form, if you wish to read a cell, the cell value will be inside the for loop was fixed OK...

Qt Excel C++

Import excel to SQLServer

2014-12-07 13:43    By:jobs      View:32      Download:0

This project  mainly describes how to import data from an excel sheet to the SQL Server, viewing the data from SQL Server using the Gridview control, and deleting data. In case the excel sheet does not contain data (null values), those values are replaced by zero......... ...

Windows C#

excel general import design source

2014-12-06 06:22    By:源码快手      View:52      Download:0

Sometimes in our data is stored in excel (especially for users who prefer to use excel to collect some data), these data and systems need to deal with other business, so at this point we need to import the data into the database. But given the variety of styles of excel and therefore must be written...

File C#

using MATLAB to generate excel documents

2015-10-13 01:00    By:njwhat      View:39      Download:0

using excel files <span style= "font-size:10.5pt;font-family:" color:#505050; " >Call the actxserver function to create a Microsoft excel ServerNew excel workbookGets a worksheet object handlesInsert, copy, delete, move and rename a worksheetPage SetupSelect the worksheet areaSe...

Matlab Matlab

Xml to excel converter C# desktio based window application

2015-03-30 14:54    By:adhikari      View:82      Download:0

XML is a platform independent language, so the information formatted in XML can be used in any other platforms (Operating Systems). XML is a self describing language and it gives the data as well as the rules to identify what the data it contains.Here we are going to read from an XML file content an...

Windows C#

Particle Filter Toolbox Particle Tool box

2015-07-26 23:38    By:oceanpearl      View:97      Download:0

The object of this toolbox is to provide a MATLAB framework for nonlinear filteringin general, and particle filtering in particular. This is done by using the objectorientedprogramming paradigm, resulting in truly expandable code. Three typesof discrete and nonlinear state-space models are supported...

Matlab Matlab

using excell with c#

2014-12-16 00:52    By:mkincak      View:16      Download:0

using excell with c# This is a short introduction to opening an existing Microsoft excel spreadsheet using Visual C# .NET. The computer must have excel installed on the system for this code to run properly. The excel assembly is used to open and manipulate excel spreadsheets....

Windows C#

C++ read excel

2015-09-23 10:40    By:dywywh      View:49      Download:1

This is the C++ source code to read excel, You can read excel so that you can simply use the c++...

Algorithm C++


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