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Automaticall revert multiple virtual machines in vCloud by python

2015-05-20 06:29    By:kasimok      View:148      Download:0

Automaticall revert multiple virtual machines in vCloud by python. Which is Very useful in Test Automation, Just call the script to automatically revert your target test machine to clean state. This programme uses the vCloud API 1.5 of Vmware(A RESTful api) to us...

Cloud Computing Python

C Simple implementation of socket communications

2015-09-19 07:40    By:algong      View:15      Download:0

Simple implementation in c language has socket communication, Tcp Protocol can only be run under Linux, window cannot be used for socket package....

Algorithm C

Simple based on MFC multithreading

2015-10-08 03:55    By:clinic      View:30      Download:0

Simple multithreaded program based on MFC, the program intact, you can directly run...

Mutithread C++

VC++ is a Simple draw 3-color circle, adjustable window size, applications that do not blink

2015-09-23 06:12    By:wretchy      View:47      Download:0

VC++ is a Simple draw 3-color circle, adjustable window size, not blinking Application...

Windows Visual C++

Using DirectShow convert Wav files to MP3 or other formats

2015-11-05 09:06    By:yangyangguang2      View:153      Download:1

Describes how to use the DirectShow API for Simple audio transformations, especially the WAV to MP3 conversion. DirectShow API in the three types of audio codecs: native codecs and ACM codecs and DMO (DirectX Media objects) codec. There are only a handful of native audio codec audio compres...

c++ C++

Beginning DirectX 9 (Game Development Series) by Wendy Jones

2015-09-13 00:54    By:troithukiniem      View:140      Download:1

There exists a gap in the game programming market where beginning programmers are finding themselves without an introductory guide. Existing books focus on the 3D component of DirectX only, leaving readers without a complete understanding of DirectX. In order to fully understand DirectX and the game...

DirectX C++

An Asynchronous HTTP Request WinINet Wrapper in C++

2015-11-12 02:12    By:bluesky      View:34      Download:2

WinINet makes network programming easier, but it's difficult to use for C++ because of its C-style interface, so I write this code to wrap it. Using it, you can easily create an asynchronous HTTP request and receive event callback. It can be applied to MFC and ATL projects. Thi...

WinSock C++

Screen recording using C #

2015-10-27 23:22    By:shinian      View:40      Download:0

VS2008 c # to write the video screen, full screen video or video in the specified region. In addition there are, running on to change the control's size and position...

CSharp C#

C #, the two machines using the Socket file transfer

2015-10-19 09:57    By:nightsoul      View:34      Download:1

C # WinForm, code, and the server to listen on port, the client sends the file, use the Socket listening, IPEndPoint in the client send a connection request...

CSharp C#


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