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color=red>face color=red>detection color=red>using YCbCr color space

2015-09-17 22:26    By:ramani      View:105      Download:1

color=red>face color=red>detection is a computer technology that determines the locations and sizes of human color=red>faces in digital images. It detects color=red>face and ignores anything else, such as buildings, trees and bodies. color=red>face color=red>detection can be regarded as a more general case of color=red>face localization. In color=red>face localization...

Image Processing Matlab

color=red>face color=red>detection

2015-11-18 19:04    By:kaixuan_liu      View:231      Download:6

color=red>face++ technical services are divided into Basic Edition and Enterprise Edition. Basic version provided free of charge through the API, Enterprise Edition not only a better API, SDK and a customized offline forms such as cloud services. color=red>face++ updates are published here in time, we are constantly wo...

Matlab Matlab


2015-11-26 10:06    By:mountain      View:213      Download:2

%%%%% Reading of a color=red>rgb image i=imread('color=red>face8.jpg'); I=color=red>rgb2gray(i); BW=im2bw(I); figure,imshow(BW) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% minimisation of background portion [n1 n2]=size(BW); r=floor(n1/10); c=floor(n2/10); x1=1;x2=r; s=r*c; for i=1:10...

Matlab Matlab

color=red>face color=red>detection in C++

2015-11-13 04:36    By:yimikai      View:274      Download:6

This source code use OpenCV tools package to realize color=red>face color=red>detection from pictures, and use a green frame to label the color=red>face. The attached codes were finished color=red>using VS2008 and OpenCV2.4.6. You can input the parameters from the commend line. Argv[1] is the position of the picture.The code of eye d...

Image Processing C++

color=red>face color=red>detection color=red>face-recognition code

19 hours ago    By:vankinger      View:285      Download:13

Based on color=red>face color=red>detection, color=red>face recognition source code, and related open source libraries. Mainly used for color=red>face color=red>detection, location, identification and color=red>detection output, greatly in pattern recognition purposes, does not require a separate install OpenCV library, have to be included directly....

Windows C++

Objects/color=red>faces color=red>detection color=red>using Local Binary Patterns and Haar features

2015-11-24 06:11    By:smzt      View:112      Download:2

This toolbox provides some tools for objects/color=red>faces color=red>detection color=red>using Local Binary Patterns (and some variants) and Haar features.  Object/color=red>face color=red>detection is performed by evaluating trained models over multi-scan windows with boosting models (such Adaboosting, FastAdaboosting and Gentleboosting)...

Matlab Matlab

Mixed color space and Gaussian mixture model matlab

2015-11-26 03:18    By:nikang      View:53      Download:1

color space and Gaussian mixture model, mixing can be achieved. The last blood can achieve the precise  positioning of the color=red>face. Facial recognition and analysis can be used Personal identification, security, Man-machine  Exchange and expression analysis. Computer color=red>face...

Matlab Matlab

Adaboost color=red>face color=red>detection matlab code

2015-11-28 08:53      View:437      Download:9

This is a simple matlab code color=red>using a simple technique known as Adaboost Technique to detect color=red>faces in video. This code can also be used to understand this algorithm easily if u have some problems in understanding it by reading research journals...

Matlab Matlab

Circle color=red>detection color=red>using Hough transform color=red>rgb

2015-10-30 01:21    By:mauhik      View:58      Download:0

color=red>rgb color image circle color=red>detection color=red>using Efficient Circle color=red>detection code. It can be apply to many circle color=red>detection also....

Matlab Matlab


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