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Flipper, sliding gestures project

2015-02-26 14:13    By:hunter      View:22      Download:0

Flipper, sliding gestures project, very good, very useful in the project, is very useful to me, and wanted to share that,  and I hope you get help, thank you...

Java Development Java

Clips expert systems. NET source

2015-11-20 04:53    By:芳满楼      View:93      Download:4

ClipS.NET is .NET managed interface for ClipS (C Language Integrated Production System)ClipS.NET is an effort to bring ClipS into the .NET world. Framework is allowing a convenient and easy integrating Clips expert system in your .NET projects.Project contains a precompiled version of core ClipS lib...

CSharp C#

Face detection in C++

2015-11-13 04:36    By:yimikai      View:274      Download:6

This source code use OpenCV tools package to realize face detection from pictures, and use a green frame to label the face. The attached codes were finished using VS2008 and OpenCV2.4.6. You can input the parameters from the commend line. Argv[1] is the position of the picture.The code of eye d...

Image Processing C++


2015-11-26 10:06    By:mountain      View:213      Download:2

%%%%% Reading of a RGB image i=imread('face8.jpg'); I=rgb2gray(i); BW=im2bw(I); figure,imshow(BW) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% minimisation of background portion [n1 n2]=size(BW); r=floor(n1/10); c=floor(n2/10); x1=1;x2=r; s=r*c; for i=1:10...

Matlab Matlab

Area Based Motion detection- Boss Watcher

2015-11-21 12:32    By:dream462      View:82      Download:0

Introduction Working in artificial lighted, lifted ceiling, ice air conditioned IT office departments gives me a creepy feeling of being manipulated and watched from behind. Any way one should support it behind. That is why I tried to write this application. But it can also be used for alertin...

Windows C#

RGB detection

2015-11-23 04:42    By:Nazeer      View:79      Download:0

are very useful for other projects as for face tracking through the colors  and the code providing by me will help to detect ht eRGB colors and also track them easily , So you can easily unzip nad check it. thanks...

Matlab Matlab

Creating a web service using eclipse for calculating result of student

2015-03-11 06:07    By:sandeep      View:18      Download:0

This project contains the WEB SERVICE project generated through eclipse . there is an implementation of web service which will service the request of calculating the academic result of a student. and client who performs the operation of requesting the server. this is an acad...

Other Java

Copyfully Eclipse plug-in source code

2015-07-25 07:14    By:enichou      View:34      Download:0

Copyfully Eclipse plug-in source code Copyfully Eclipse plug-in source code Copyfully Eclipse plug-in source code Copyfully Eclipse plug-in source code Copyfully Eclipse plug-in source code Copyfully Eclipse plug-in source code...

Java Development Java

Java version of Eclipse-based development tool integration tool

2015-08-01 08:48    By:kivhop      View:44      Download:0

Currently in the development of Java, version for integration there is no better tool, this is my version of Eclipse development tools for Java-based development integration tool

Java Development Java

KTV management systems software based on Eclipse to write

2015-11-16 01:49    By:hancy      View:66      Download:3

A KTV management system based on Eclipse to write software, containing a management, including billing, expense management, including settlement, warehouse management, product management, Few large modules such as systems management....

Java Development Java


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