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Very easy to use dtw voice of isolated word recognition matlab implementation

2014-11-22 04:42    By:salp      View:150      Download:0

Very easy to use dtw voice of isolated word recognition matlab implementation...

Matlab Matlab

fastICA rapid analysis of independent variable

2014-11-20 08:57    By:anchorzw      View:24      Download:0

% fastICA for matlab 7.x and 6.x % Version 2.5, October 19 2005 %Copyright (c) Shen Hugo g ERT, Jarmo Hurri, Jaakko Chuo El s, and Aapo Hyv Chuo inen. % % Type fasticag to launch the graphical user interface % % Please refer to your matlab documentation on how to add fastICA to your % matlab...

Matlab Matlab

Practical matlab source code

2014-11-22 22:07    By:mexwell      View:251      Download:1

The following is the source code matlab matlab practical utility source code  matlab7.x image processing  ch2_1_1: histogram (§2.1.3)  ch2_2_1: display images (§2.2.2)  ch2_3_1: Add a color bar (§2.3.1)  ch2_3_2: a single frame of the image display (§2.3.2)  c...

Matlab Matlab

Bayesian network matlab BNT

2014-11-22 11:42    By:wasaixiaopei      View:144      Download:3

This is a matlab-based Bayesian Network tool kit, provides a number of lower-level functions, Bayesian learning and Bayesian inference. Based on Bayesian network classifier can achieve a variety of. The Toolkit for more comprehensive content....

Matlab Matlab

fastICA algorithm program

2014-11-20 11:56    By:b545237988      View:30      Download:0

fastICA algorithm program...

Matlab Matlab

matlab program preliminary

2014-11-22 03:29    By:njwhat      View:92      Download:0

Mixture of matlab programming initially, starting from the matlab6 ActiveX interfaces, in-depth discussion of mixed-language programming using matlab6 ideas and detailed implementation plan and implementation difficulties, especially with respect to emerging issues matlab6 programming. mixed languag...

Matlab Matlab

matlab version of the digital image processing source code

2014-11-22 23:24    By:Kean      View:169      Download:0

Original title: Digital Image Processing Using matlab Supporting source, this book is theory deals with image processing software practice a combination of the first book, it has integrated with digital image processing by Gonzalez and woods the important contents in the book and the Mat...

Matlab Matlab

matlab image processing codes

52 minutes ago    By:yueqiaohuayuan      View:428      Download:15

matlab language image processing, such as images of open, heavy, close, vertical mirror image, horizontal image, gray scale, and color histogram equalization, image enhancement, smoothing and sharpening, plus noise, such as salt and pepper noise Gaussian noise, multiplicative noise, Poisson noise, e...

Matlab Matlab

Preparation method and application of matlab function

59 minutes ago    By:njwhat      View:308      Download:0

Preparation method and application of matlab function  ,  called matlab programs generally fall into two categories: m script file (M-Script) and m-functions (M-function), which is an ordinary ASCII code files that make up the. M script file contains a statement supported by matlab languag...

Matlab Matlab

GUI sample code based on matlab

2014-11-22 15:55    By:milox      View:65      Download:0

This is a Simple matlab code to learn the GUI design....


Some matlab programming codes

2014-11-21 05:28    By:SoloJia      View:41      Download:0

I have written some code. Share with everyone and hope we all share some of the code provides. I am novice matlab, there may be some errors, I hope will forgive me, I hope to communicate their views. We can actively Exchange, thank you....

Matlab Matlab

Getting started with matlab

2014-11-22 14:21    By:Kalpanaappavu      View:163      Download:2

This file describes the basic of matlab. Some of the commands are executed. Under each tool some commands r executed. Surely it will be useful. It is given very understandable...

Matlab Matlab

GML AdaBoost matlab Toolbox Manual

2014-11-22 03:54    By:linuxbird      View:93      Download:0

The GML AdaBoost matlab Toolbox Manual content are more, I am a beginner, and didn't understand them. Most matlab source code, some are written in C++ programs. quite useful...

Matlab Matlab

matlab to Weka converter source code

2014-11-21 02:57    By:pinki      View:131      Download:0

This code will convert a weka supported file into .mat file and also a matlab file into weka supported file. Using this code, you need not to write separate matlab code for a dataset. Just provide the dataset and you can get its .mat file.  ...

Matlab Matlab

matlab functions-basic features

2014-11-21 23:40    By:njwhat      View:104      Download:0

-Basic features of the matlab function  , a matlab function analysis of the functions of matlab functions are similar to c or Fortran subroutines. Either c or Fortran subroutine similar to matlab functions.  ...

Matlab Matlab

Guinness matlab drawing and example demonstrates

2014-11-22 21:39    By:njwhat      View:78      Download:0

Guinness matlab drawing and example demonstrates,Powerful drawing capabilities is one of the features of matlab, matlab provides a set of drawing functions, users do not need too much considering the detail of a drawing, only need to give out some basic parameters needed to get the graphics, these f...

Matlab Matlab

matlab training program (call matlab c/c + +)

20 minutes ago    By:njwhat      View:259      Download:0

matlab training program (call matlab c/c + +) environment is windows7+vs2010+matlabR2010b here is the statement by calling the matlab engine to, this is achieved by calling compiled into m file h/lib/DLL file. matlab Terminal input to select the compiler you want to use, follow the prompts to select...

Matlab Matlab

matlab training program (called matlab c/c + +)

2014-11-21 19:24    By:njwhat      View:65      Download:0

matlab training program (called matlab c/c + +) my environment here is window7+vs2010+matlab R2010b. First of all, you need to enter MEX-Setup to determine if the compiler you want to use, follow the instructions step by step down the line. Here is write a c++ file, here writing the c++ file name is...

Matlab Matlab

matlab implementation of Dijkstra algorithm

56 minutes ago    By:njwhat      View:105      Download:0

matlab function is very powerful, in this article, mainly introduces matlab on computer basic operation in advanced mathematics, linear algebra and matrix calculations in some basic calculations, polynomials, using concrete examples, and specific examples of modeling and then write m file, then the...

Matlab Matlab

matlab and Excel file for data exchange

1 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:64      Download:0

General forms for Excel is a very good software, study, work and research of large amounts of data may be stored in Excel tables. Excel in matrix computation, and optimization algorithm of data fitting function is insufficient, combining Excel and matlab are effective methods for dealing with comple...

Matlab Matlab
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