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this program describes the control of an inverted pendulum using PID controller in Simulink matlab. ...

SvmpcaKnn procedures for data classification

Svm,Pca,Knn the classification procedure, there is a little data, results can be run directly, these three programs are independent, Visual classifier to compare three different results, users can also find their own data....

The mpc565 CAN driver

mpc565 CAN bus drivers, including SJA1000 and TOUCAN. Code details, comments clearly. Very reliable, after engineering use....

mpc5643L Exam

mpc5643L Device Driver Exam Source   XPROG-M - универсальный программатор, предназначеный для программирования контроллеров и микросхем памяти производителей ARM Atmel, Micronas, Nationa...

mpc based PID controller

mpc control of a double integrator. This very simple demonstration shows how to use mpc to control a boiler under input saturation....

mpc8313e RDB reva 4 board project

This is the project files on which i worked. This is for the mpc8313e rdb reva4 power pc freescale board....

Graphcontrol example

Graphcontrol_exm, you can find the best graph control example,remember me!...

control romate compute

a small programes, include server and client,in server you can set servers , and in client , you can call computer throuth server....

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