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Tabla multiplicar

2015-02-04 17:57    By:rascunin      View:26      Download:0

.model small .stack 64 .data num db "Introdusca un numero $",10,13  ;Variable para reslpaldar el número digitado por el usuario. .code   inicio:    mov ax, @data    mov ds, ax        mov ah, 09h    lea dx, num    int...

Assembly Language ASM

kinect fingertip

2015-03-31 22:47    By:Lin_JX      View:58      Download:2

This is a code used to identify finger, unusually for OpenCV identify different, kinect sensor, you can dynamically identify fingers, build simple models of the fingers, getting finger data, enabling some applications, such as controlling your computer mouse with your fingers, analog keyboards, pian...

Windows C++

Face detection in C++

2015-03-28 04:00    By:yimikai      View:222      Download:5

This source code use OpenCV tools package to realize face detection from pictures, and use a green frame to label the face. The attached codes were finished using VS2008 and OpenCV2.4.6. You can input the parameters from the commend line. Argv[1] is the position of the picture.The code of eye d...

Image Processing C++


2015-03-30 05:48    By:mountain      View:173      Download:1

%%%%% Reading of a RGB image i=imread('face8.jpg'); I=rgb2gray(i); BW=im2bw(I); figure,imshow(BW) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% minimisation of background portion [n1 n2]=size(BW); r=floor(n1/10); c=floor(n2/10); x1=1;x2=r; s=r*c; for i=1:10...

Matlab Matlab

Area Based Motion detection- Boss Watcher

2015-03-18 14:30    By:dream462      View:67      Download:0

Introduction Working in artificial lighted, lifted ceiling, ice air conditioned IT office departments gives me a creepy feeling of being manipulated and watched from behind. Any way one should support it behind. That is why I tried to write this application. But it can also be used for alertin...

Windows C#

RGB detection

2015-03-31 05:31    By:Nazeer      View:70      Download:0

are very useful for other projects as for face tracking through the colors  and the code providing by me will help to detect ht eRGB colors and also track them easily , So you can easily unzip nad check it. thanks...

Matlab Matlab

fingerprint c++

2015-03-31 12:00    By:jclandher      View:83      Download:1

C++ source code for fingerprint recognition, it is worth reference!...

Linux programming C++

face detection

2015-03-28 03:05    By:kaixuan_liu      View:194      Download:3

Face++ technical services are divided into Basic Edition and Enterprise Edition. Basic version provided free of charge through the API, Enterprise Edition not only a better API, SDK and a customized offline forms such as cloud services. Face++ updates are published here in time, we are constantly wo...

Matlab Matlab

VHDL and verilog implementation of floating point multipliacation,ieee754

2014-12-25 20:34    By:bala      View:271      Download:0

Here are the steps again: First, convert the two representations to scientific notation. Thus, we explicitly represent the hidden 1. In this case, X is 1.01 X 22 and Y is 1.11 X 20. Let x be the exponent of&n...

Windows VHDL


2015-03-22 09:12    By:candies      View:80      Download:0

This document provides, in summary form Fngprnt application for each file's contents. Fngprnt.vcproj This is Lord of the VC++ projects generated using an application wizard project files. It contains a version of Visual C++ that generated the file information, as well as selected with the applica...

Windows C++

Face detection face-recognition code

7 hours ago    By:vankinger      View:210      Download:11

Based on face detection, face recognition source code, and related open source libraries. Mainly used for face detection, location, identification and detection output, greatly in pattern recognition purposes, does not require a separate install OpenCV library, have to be included directly....

Windows C++

Vehicle detection

7 hours ago    By:1115125528@qq.com      View:335      Download:11

I am a student of final year of computer engineering and I chose to work with image processing using Matlab, in my completion of course work. Basically I intend to do the counting and the division of vehicles (car, bus, truck and motorcycle) in a street using a video camera. I'm working based on c...

Matlab Matlab

Modélisation Multiphysique

2014-11-22 21:44    By:stef_MAT      View:11      Download:0

Multi-physical model of the energy chain of a miniature crane....

Matlab Matlab

Facedetection In labview

2015-03-10 11:13    By:Raghu      View:50      Download:1

this code uses labview USB camer with opencv to detect face using a wrapper dll with labview array templet implimention...

face detection LabView

Adriod breathing heart rate pulse detection

5 hours ago    By:yingfei      View:67      Download:1

Is a pretty good code · · · Heart rate can be achieved, and a breath test, a face detection feature · · Pretty good stuff...

Android Java

opencv fingerprint identification

38 minutes ago    By:qkj1227      View:151      Download:3

opencv do a fingerprint identification, processing the input fingerprint images, JPG format -finger recognising in c ++ with opencv...

Algorithm C++

fingerprint Recognition System Full Matlab Code

2015-03-30 03:21    By:hamdouch      View:119      Download:2

fingerprint Recognition System V2 : Discover The Least Developed Technique For fingerPrint Recognition, Based On The Matching Between The Euclidean Distance And Filter Gabor....

Image Processing Matlab
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