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MATLAB numerical computation codes

Book of the MATLAB numerical tie in with the code, including code and examples of numerical calculation method, content is relatively full, I hope useful for all!...

Speech Emotion Identification using MATLAB

using machine learning algorithms, speech emotion recognition through MATLAB, good results and recommend it to everyone....

MATLAB version of the digital image processing source code

Original title: Digital Image Processing using MATLAB Supporting source, this book is theory deals with image processing software practice a combination of the first book, it has integrated with digital image processing by Gonzalez and woods the important contents in the book and the Mat...

MATLAB to Weka converter source code

This code will convert a weka supported file into .mat file and also a MATLAB file into weka supported file. using this code, you need not to write separate MATLAB code for a dataset. Just provide the dataset and you can get its .mat file.  ...

MATLAB GUI scientific calculator source code

Written using MATLAB GUI scientific calculator, hexadecimal conversion can be realized, can calculate mean, variance, MATLAB does not apply to product release, but Read getting started with MATLAB GUI design of this code can be faster, here are some programs %% Arithmetic expressions a...

MATLAB serial port codes

This is a sample code about serial port control in MATLAB....

MATLAB fingerprint Identification

gyhbit_dmap1.m ------------- grouping method the dot pattern       If the requirements of the other dot pattern of the fingerprint image, the "fp = imread ('finger.tif');%  reads the fingerprint image" in the imread modified parameter file name of a desired image....

MATLAB control system and application source code

System to explain the MATLAB7.0 and control engineering related six basic toolbox, System Identification Toolbox, model predictive control toolbox, Robust Control Toolbox, neural networks and fuzzy logic control tool kit.The book features, format commonly used functions and parameters detailed descr...

MATLAB image processing codes

MATLAB language for image processing, such as image open, heavy, closed, vertical mirror image, horizontal mirror, gray scale, and color histogram equalization, image enhancement, smoothing and sharpening, plus noise, such as salt and pepper noise Gaussian noise, multiplicative noise, Poisson noise...

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