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TFT touch arduino library

7 hours ago    By:samnova      View:229      Download:6

This is a 7 inch TFT LCD Screen Module with 65K color and 800 x 400 Resolution. It also include the Touch , SD card and Flash design. So it’s a powerful extension module for your project.The LCD has 65K color and 800 x 480 resolutions with touch screen and SD card. The controller of this LCD modul...

arduino C

C # implementation for Oracle in VS2010 database deletion interface display and check the modified source code

2014-12-17 03:08    By:zhuxing_codeforge      View:20495      Download:0

Using the c # language in VS2010, realize the connection to the Oracle database, create tables, add, query, modify, delete, data display and interface, provides the complete sample source code....

oracle C#

Automaticall revert multiple virtual machines in vcloud by python

2014-12-03 23:36    By:kasimok      View:145      Download:0

Automaticall revert multiple virtual machines in vcloud by python. Which is Very useful in Test Automation, Just call the script to automatically revert your target test machine to clean state. This programme uses the vcloud API 1.5 of Vmware(A RESTful api) to us...

Cloud Computing Python

arduino Based Inverter

2014-12-16 15:29    By:vijaygenius123      View:88      Download:0

This is an inverter design with arduino as the microcontroller.  This this outpute two squarewave pulses to drive  inverter circuits using power MOSFETS driving  a 24-volt CT transformer to out...

Arduino Java

Building an arduino on a Breadboard

10 hours ago    By:m.abdollahy      View:4254      Download:0

Building an arduino on a Breadboard Overview This tutorial shows you how to build an arduino compatible breadboard with an Atmel Atmega8/168/328 AVR microcontroller and FTDI FT232 breakout board from SparkFun. You could also use the arduino USB Mini. Originally...

Windows C++

Laser projector with arduino

3 hours ago    By:deneme      View:40      Download:0

  lang="en-US">   <div id="container">  <div id="page-top"> <div id="header-wrapper">  <div id="header"> <div id="logo"><a href="index.html"...

Other C++

arduino ili9341 TFT driver

2014-12-17 18:21    By:Dicky.Qi      View:235      Download:2

Microcontroller driven 320x240 ILI9341 TFT screen, arduino-compatible detail code in the Readme.md. arduino Nano/UNO/mini need to convert the IO level....

Driver Development Others

Control lamp using arduino and C++

2014-12-03 02:37    By:cmart      View:22      Download:0

Applications enabled to control the active and inactive play a television station that is used by the user. This application can also set the time that the user wants to stop playing play station. If the user enters a customer wants to play play station and choose which ones you want to use the tele...


The arduino ether net communication code for enc28j60 chip

2014-12-16 03:18    By:mahmoudatef      View:118      Download:0

arduino ether net communication code , this is based on ether net chip ENC28j60 , this code is consists of tow module , client module and server module the server module listen on port 9760 and send data at port 9766...

Embeded C

RadioHead library demo for arduino 315/433MHz wireless communication

2014-12-17 08:04    By:laris      View:95      Download:0

RadioHead library  demo for arduino 315/433MHz wireless communication. RadioHead library is a re-writing code to replace the old wireless library Virtual Wireless library. It support more Wireless/Radio module hardware. another library is rc-switch....

Embeded C++

arduino using cc2500

2014-12-09 23:08    By:Ramesh_rt      View:47      Download:0

/**  * CC2500 Sample transceiver code  * This will send a packet containing the length and "Hello"  * Every 400ms, then go into receive mode.  * Adapted from   * Written by Zohan SonZohan@gmail.com  *  * Hardware SPI:  * MISO -> 12  * MOS...

Embeded C

arduino using cc2500

2014-12-16 19:43    By:Ramesh_rt      View:113      Download:0

 CC2500 Sample transceiver code.  This will send a packet containing the length and "Hello".  Every 400ms, then go into receive mode.  Adapted from https://github.com/yasiralijaved/arduino-CC2500-Library  Written by Zohan, onZohan@gmail.com  &n...

Embeded C

MFC,point cloud ,Pcl

5 hours ago    By:lwngreat      View:93      Download:1

MFC,point cloud ,Pcl.使用Pcl点云库只做到界面,使用c++通过对源码(Pcl)更改后的界Surface. Can be more convenient to use the Pcl function....



2014-12-17 03:07    By:michaeljohnson789      View:42      Download:0

Analogclock is a classic clock containing hour, minute, and second hands, with a circle of tick marks showing minutes and hours. A single solution contains versions for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone....

Windows C#

Tcl/Tk example codes and Tcl/Tk tutorials

11 hours ago    By:djchamikara      View:79      Download:2

This is the useful Tcl/Tk codes for clock, calculator, color changing, file menu, frames, list menus, pull down menus etc. Also this includes very useful Tcl/Tk PDF tutorials for beginners....

Linux programming Tcl/Tk

CGridListCtrlEx - Grid Control Based on clistCtrl

2014-12-16 21:31    By:Spritutu      View:73      Download:1

Microsoft's clistCtrl has support for displaying data in a grid using the report style, but we have to make several changes to implement features like: Sorting Cell navigation and keyboard search Tooltips Hiding and showing columns Cell editing...

Windows C++

cloudSim simulator

2014-12-17 10:18    By:kul      View:87      Download:0

cloudSim Simulator Working Creation of Virtual machines , data center cloud lets and broker in cloud...

Java Development Java
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